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Human Rights25,000 Ukrainian citizens have entered Bulgaria

25,000 Ukrainian citizens have entered Bulgaria

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According to information from the General Directorate of Border Police, nearly 25,000 Ukrainian citizens have entered all points of the Bulgarian-Romanian border in Bulgaria since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, the authorities inform.

73 applications for humanitarian protection have been submitted at the border.

They remind that the citizens of Ukraine have the right to visa-free entry into Bulgaria and the right to stay for 90 days within each 6-month period in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The period may be extended for humanitarian reasons related to extraordinary circumstances.

Ukrainian citizens wishing to extend their visa-free stay in Bulgaria may submit an application to the Migration Directorate before the expiration of the permitted period of residence under the visa-free regime. The application form is received on the spot or filled in in advance by downloading it from the website of the directorate.

Citizens of Ukraine wishing to receive international protection (refugee status or humanitarian status) can apply in the offices of the State Agency for Refugees at the Council of Ministers, before the bodies of the Migration Directorate and the General Directorate of Border Police.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs organizes regular bus lines for the transportation of Bulgarian citizens and citizens of Bessarabian origin. The Minister of Justice said that free legal aid and temporary protection are guaranteed for all refugees from Ukraine.

The basketball players of the Ukrainian “Prometheus” were accommodated this Friday at the Youth Center – Plovdiv, Bulgaria, after arriving from Turkey. The Ukrainians hosted Turkish Mersin on Wednesday in a match of the second strongest European club tournament. After two losses, they dropped out of the race, and the first match was played in Plovdiv due to the situation in Ukraine. A total of 15 people, of whom 12 girls from the basketball team and three coaches are accommodated in the center. Some of the players have found teams in Turkey, where they will finish the season and will leave for our southern neighbor soon.

Earlier, the basketball team was received in the Municipality of Plovdiv by Mayor Zdravko Dimitrov.

“The Youth center is like a 3-star hotel. There are 17 rooms with private bathroom and toilet, in general the conditions are very good. Everything is provided. We are currently accommodating them for free and the whole month of March will be like that “, said to TrafficNews the deputy-mayor of sports, youth and social policy Mr. Georgi Tityukov.

“A total of 15 people, 3 men and 12 women, accommodated by the Prometheus basketball club. Some of them have found teams in Turkey, I think a total of three and will leave soon. Today we are accommodating people from Ukraine all day, including some who are expecting a man, 6 women and 3 children to arrive tomorrow morning, one of whom is in advanced pregnancy. We are trying to help everyone, there is a special phone number 080011232. People who want to offer help or those who are looking for it can call, ”Tityukov added.

Girls contact their loved ones once or twice a day, but it is very difficult and sad for them.

“I hope it’s over soon. We have a center for social rehabilitation and integration, we told them that they can get support from a psychologist if they need it. Next week, with the education department, we will think about placing children in kindergartens and schools, “said the deputy mayor for sports and social activities.

The sports director of Prometheus expressed his gratitude for the help and said that they were provided with everything they needed. According to him, the situation in Ukraine is not good and everyone is very scared.

“There are constant sirens and shelling. Civilians are being shot at and the situation is very alarming. One of the contestants has a child in Ukraine. They are divided on it and it is very difficult. I don’t know what will happen, but we hope for peace soon, “he said.

Ekaterina’s sister, one of the team’s competitors, was under fire for 7 days. Now she has left for Lviv. She says she is worried about her, but the trip is dangerous at the moment.

“Thank you very, very much for your help. The conditions are good, we can even train. I also thank our army and the people who are fighting for our country, “said Ekaterina.

Photo: Municipality of Plovdiv / trafficnews.bg.

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