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AmericaWhere have 4.3 million people disappeared?

Where have 4.3 million people disappeared?

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Businesses in the largest economy are asking

Autumn of 2021 has had to give the beginning to the shortcomings of the servants, which torments the greatest economy in the world. Supplementary unemployment benefits are expiring. Schools are opening, which allows many parents to free themselves from the task of watching their children all day long. And so, the economists and entrepreneurs believe that the floods from the employees will follow, writes The New York Time.

Five million people are working less and less in the ninth month since the start of the pandemic. Three million less work.

The mediation process created a headache for Biden’s administration, which relied on a strong economic recovery to give political impetus to politics. Observers do not know how long this citation will last.

The public blames the blame for the generous unemployment benefits, but the shields, which prevent the payments from being paid, do not take into account the increase in unemployment. Democrats believe that companies can hire workers if they increase wages – but the shortage is not limited to a low-income sector.

Psychology also plays a role: research shows that the pandemic has led many people to rethink their priorities. And the wave of open positions motivates them to wait for better offers.

The final result is that for the first time in decades, workers across the entire income pillar are defining the rule. And they use the position not only for higher wages, but also for more flexible hours, more generous social benefits and better conditions.

The daily 4.3 million people worked in August. “It’s as if the whole country is having some kind of union negotiations,” said Betty Stevenson, an economist at the University of Michigan and a counselor. “I don’t know who will win, but it looks like the workers have an advantage.”

Where the 4.3 million workers disappeared, the Wall Street Journal also asked. The publication estimates that the number of employees would be so much higher, as the same share of the population will be over 16 years of age or a poor person. In February 2020 it was 63.3%, and in September this year. and 61.6%.

The lack of time comes at a time when American employers are trying to fill tens of millions of jobs and stop the growing pressure from the pressure.

In production, retail trade, transport and logistics, municipal services, professional and business services, employees or employees.

The decline in employment at the beginning of the pandemic was the largest since at least the Second World War. Over the past summer, there has been a partial recovery, but since then it has kept around the lowest levels since the 1970s – despite the significant

Some economists believe that the citation reflects longer-term changes: driven by the pandemic of early retirement. Usually, after the petition, consumers avoid eating unintentionally, and the business to pay attention to the state – and the poor ones are more and more busy. This time the trampling is stable, the employers are trampling new staff under wood and stone, but the employees do not want or cannot return.

The citation is especially difficult for big employers, who traditionally increase the number of busy holidays. Amazon and Walmart are raising at least 300 thousand, and URU and FedEx have plans to rent 200 thousand. The good news is that employees earn higher salaries. Their productivity is also lower: with 5% between the first and second quarter of 2021.

Some of the reasons are related. Kindergartens, where employees do not reach, return to the family. The number of children employed in children’s care fell by 108.7 thousand, or 10.4%. Salary pay is also 10%. This is the best way to find a place for a child, and where there is such a thing, it is better. Some people just want to stay at home.

Borders closures have reduced the number of immigrants. Pedica baby boomers, who are protected from vipya and whose condition is located behind the bull’s market, are retired. The helpers also play the field: a lot of hops are conceived twice, before they return to difficult but low-paid positions.

Employers are starting to adjust: the employees, for example, are reducing the hours in which they receive clients. Other businesses reduce the number of services offered.

Many other businesses see automation as a solution to the shortage: gas stations without staff, wireless stores, and tablets for travel. In general, investments in similar technologies continue with 16% in the 12 months to June, compared to 4% in the last 10 years.

Other employees work harder. In the production, the employees work for 4.2 hours a day above the agreed week last month, at 2.8 hours in April 2020.

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