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InternationalRussia has announced that it has received more than 61,000 residents of...

Russia has announced that it has received more than 61,000 residents of Donbass

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Chupryan says more than 1,000 Donbass residents evacuated to Russia have received payments of 10,000 rubles

More than 61,000 DNR and LNR residents have arrived in Russia since an evacuation was announced last Friday in the self-proclaimed republics. This was announced by Alexander Chupriyan, acting head of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, BGNES reports.

“In one night, the number of Donbass residents arriving in Russia rose to more than 61,000,” he said.

Chupryan said more than 1,000 Donbass residents evacuated to Russia had received payments of 10,000 rubles.

“The number of payments and the documents that are being prepared for them is increasing. We have received about 4,000 applications and more than 1,000 people have received payments. I am sure that in the near future this number will increase significantly,” he said.

Chupriyan said that a small number of Donbass residents who arrived in Russia found positive samples for coronavirus infection. According to Chuprian, measures leading to hospitalization are being taken for positive tests. He said about 1,500 PCR tests had already been conducted.

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