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InternationalWhat happens to our body if we do not eat fruit

What happens to our body if we do not eat fruit

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Fruits are a sweet treat that may be a reason to avoid them – fructose, you know, natural sugar. This is bad and harmful, isn’t it? In fact, it is not.

Or maybe you just don’t eat fruit because you think it’s too expensive or spoils too quickly, so it’s not worth your time or money to add it to your grocery list. But let us prove you wrong.

The fruits are high in fiber, rich in antioxidant superfoods.

When your body is devoid of fruit, it can go through some unhealthy changes. See what they are

Gaining weight

The danger of excluding an entire food group such as fruit from your menu is that you can replace it with something unhealthy. Replacing it with vegetables is fine, but it’s more likely to be harmful. Fruits are rich in water and fiber, which helps us feel full and not overeat.

Muscle strain

You know how your muscles feel 12 to 48 hours after strenuous exercise. If you avoid eating fruit, you can worsen muscle fever and make it last longer. The best fruits to reduce muscle fever are berries and cherries.


Fatigue and dizziness are common symptoms of low blood sugar or hypoglycaemia during exercise. Fruits are a good source of healthy carbohydrates, which makes them a great source of fast fuel that will not leave you feeling bloated when you start exercising.

Desire for dessert

The desire to eat something sweet is interesting and is often caused by the fact that you do not eat enough fruit. For example, the desire for chocolate, it contains a significant amount of magnesium, as well as fruits such as bananas and avocados. When his body lacks magnesium, you dream of chocolate.

Unhealthy intestinal flora

Without the fiber and plant micronutrients called polyphenols that you get from eating fruits and vegetables, your gut microbiome can become unbalanced. Scientists believe that disturbing this delicate balance plays a role in many disorders and diseases, including allergies, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and obesity.

Gas, bloating, constipation

Other potential side effects of not eating fruit fiber are gastrointestinal problems, ranging from nausea to reflux, where stomach acids irritate the esophagus. Too many bad bacteria lead to gas, bloating, constipation and even chronic inflammation in the body, which can affect your immune system and cardiovascular health.

Muscle cramps and high blood pressure

These two problems may seem unrelated, but both can be exacerbated by low levels of potassium in your body. Potassium relaxes blood vessels, which in turn lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of stroke and prevents muscle cramps. Fruits such as bananas, oranges, melons, grapefruits and dried fruits such as prunes and dates are a major source of potassium.

Aging skin

Avoiding fruit means avoiding antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are crucial for skin health. Imagine what your skin will look like if you do not eat fruits that are loaded with vitamin C, which helps restore collagen and boosts immunity.

The American Heart Association recommends eating 4 to 5 servings of fruit each day. The American Cancer Society’s Cancer Prevention Guidelines recommend the inclusion of fruits (and vegetables) with every meal.

Why is the emphasis on fruit? Research shows that when your body is deprived of fruit, it can go through some unhealthy changes.

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