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NewsThe Bolshoy Theater is no longer wanted at the Royal Opera House...

The Bolshoy Theater is no longer wanted at the Royal Opera House in London

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The Royal Opera House in London has canceled a visit to the Bolshoi Ballet, scheduled for the summer, due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“The summer season of the Bolshoy Ballet at the Royal Opera House was in the final stages of planning. Unfortunately, given the current situation, it cannot take place,” the Covent Garden Opera said in a statement.

Culture fell victim to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Many prestigious institutions have taken action against Russia’s cultural presence. Such is the case with the conductor Valery Gergiev, who dropped out of the program of the festival “Dvorjak in Prague” and concerts at Carnegie Hall. Carnegie Hall also canceled recitations of pianist Denis Matsuev.

Earlier, Russia was also denied participation in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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