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InternationalAbramovitch gives up power at Chelsea! Is it because of the sanctions...

Abramovitch gives up power at Chelsea! Is it because of the sanctions against Russia?

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Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has come up with a surprising announcement about the club’s ownership.

“During the almost twenty years that I have owned Chelsea, I believe that I have always been the guardian of the club, whose job was to ensure that we are a successful club like today, and to build on the future, while time we play a positive role in our community. I have always made decisions in the best interest of the club. I remain committed to these values, “said part of Abramovich’s statement, published on the official website of the” blues “.

“It is for this reason that I entrust the management and care of the club to the Chelsea Charitable Foundation. I believe that they are currently in the best position to take care of the interests of the club, players, staff and fans,” Abramovich added. .

It seems that Abramovich’s decision is dictated by Russia’s sanctions over the war in Ukraine. The United States and the European Union have imposed severe bans on prominent Russian businessmen, with some parties in Britain saying they, including Abramovich, should be barred from residing in Britain.

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