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FoodReasons to eat salty foods and how to prevent it

Reasons to eat salty foods and how to prevent it

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Salt is a part of life. Without it, a number of processes in the body are unthinkable. Salt and mineral salts are actively involved in the work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. They are responsible for transmitting nerve signals that drive muscles and the heart. But one of the biggest mistakes modern people make in their diet is overdoing it with salt.

Salty foods can be a real temptation. It is possible to eat salty as intrusively as to get hungry for sweets. But if you overdo it with salt, there is a reason for it. The hunger for salt is not accidental and it has its possible explanations.

Attention! The article is informative. If you are very hungry for salt, consult a doctor.

What are the possible reasons why you eat salty so much?


If you do not drink enough fluids and your body is dehydrated, even mild, it will try to encourage you to eat more salty foods. This is because it activates a natural mechanism for retaining the few remaining fluids in the body that it needs to perform basic functions. To control this urge, drink more fluids and reduce salt in your diet.

Electrolyte imbalance

When there is an imbalance of important electrolytes in the body, you may experience a strong unexplained hunger for salt. In this way, your body tries to restore the amount of salt it needs so that it does not lose the electrolyte balance needed for vital functions, such as maintaining muscles and the heart.


During pregnancy, you often have strange cravings for foods that you haven’t had enough of before. If you are pregnant, it is likely that your pregnancy is at the root of a strong hunger for salt.


Eating under stress is a common problem. High levels of stress can provoke hunger, which is difficult to control and is focused on various foods, including very salty.

What can you do to control your cravings for salt?

Eat citrus fruits

Citrus fruits and their juice have the ability to suppress the desire for salty. They also dull the hunger for jam, which is an added bonus. The reason they are so effective is that they contain many minerals in their composition. Citrus acids suppress salt cravings and balance the body’s pH, which is directly related to the presence or absence of salts in the body.


Excessive sprinkling of your dishes with more herbs and spices satisfies the senses and reduces the desire for additional salting of food. Instead of adding more salt to your recipes, make them even richer in flavors and aromas with the right spices.


Vinegar contains almost no calories. It also does not contain sodium. This makes it suitable for all diets. Acetic acid has the property to suppress the hunger for salt, to balance the pH in the body and to give a wonderful taste to dishes.


Garlic is great because it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It fights bacteria and microbes in the body, stimulates the immune system thanks to its antioxidants. Garlic gives a spicy and aromatic taste to dishes, which reduces the desire for additional salting.


Carrots are very rich in minerals. They are suitable for controlling blood sugar, cholesterol, contain very few calories, which makes them great for dieting. The fiber in them helps to prolong the feeling of satiety and reduces the desire for salt.

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