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InternationalHouseplants that are good for our health

Houseplants that are good for our health

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Apart from being beautiful and unique in themselves, plants are also extremely useful if we accept them to be part of our home interior. Some of them have an irresistible scent, others bring color and mood, but whatever we list or offer plants, they remain an excellent helper in the name of good health. In times when the air is polluted and we try to live healthy, see some of the most useful plants for our home and health.


Gerber is a really very beautiful and perennial flowering plant. It blooms for a long time and is preferred because it is extremely easy to grow. Apart from being very beautiful, gerbera is also on the list of the most effective plants in the fight against NASA’s dirty air, which makes it even more unique and valuable. The aroma of this great plant has a calming effect and helps people who suffer from insomnia.

Green lily

The green lily, also known as chlorophytum or spider plant, is ideal for people who have no experience in growing houseplants. It is really very beautiful and undemanding, which makes it really easy to grow. The green lily purifies the air in the room. This unique plant is useful in that it manages to capture all the chemicals and impurities that are dispersed in the air when we clean our home.


This is an extremely beautiful and delicate plant, but in addition to being beautiful, spathiphyllum also acts as a natural filter in your home. The plant is able to clean the air of harmful substances by absorbing them through its leaves.


Ficus is one of the most common tropical plants that can be grown in pots at home. This plant is known to be evergreen and could grow in the form of a tree, creeping plant or shrub. There are several types of ficus, but whichever you choose to grow at home, know that the plant could neutralize toxins, humidify the air and saturate it with oxygen.


This plant is from the Olive family and there are about 200 species of jasmine growing in the tropics as well as in the temperate regions of Europe, Australia and Asia. Sophisticated and delicate, the jasmine plant is known for its delicate, small flowers and tropical aroma. Jasmine is a perennial plant and is relatively easy to grow. The aroma of this beautiful and enchanting flower is able to stimulate the production of the hormone of happiness, instantly recharging our body with energy and calming us at the same time.

Each flower radiates its energy in our home, be careful with red colors

According to feng shui, flowers grown in our home carry a variety of energy. Here are some representatives of the flora and what energy they would bring to our home. Orchids, peonies and tulips are the bearers of family happiness. If you plant any of these plants you will enjoy an enviable family life.

Cacti have the ability to absorb harmful rays from computers, for example. Therefore, according to feng shui, they are the most preferred of all plants with thorns. Geranium placed next to the front door is believed to attract good luck in the home. Be careful with flowers that have red colors, because red is a very strong color. According to feng shui, it can bring you both happiness and success, as well as bad luck in your love life. The red rose is not a suitable plant as it symbolizes death. If you want to grow red flowers and they bring you positive energy in the home, you can opt for petunias or poinsettia. Their energy is more than positive. The creeping plants that cover the windows worsen relations with relatives. If you have such plants creeping over your door there is a risk of losing your home. In general, these flowers carry negative energy and do not have a good effect on your emotional state.

Depending on what you would like to attract, there are plants that would help you. For example, if you want to succeed in love, grow orchids and peonies to attract money – geranium, poinsettia, daffodil or sunflower. If you need peace of mind, the most suitable flowers are violet, hyacinth and forget-me-not. If, despite the care you take for your flowers, they begin to wither or look dry, you should know that the reason is most likely that the plants capture the negative energy. This can be detrimental to the flowers and a good option to keep them is to simply change their location in your home. Many people do not manage to grow flowers. Coincidentally, if you are among them, you could bet at least on the paintings depicting flowers. They also have a positive effect on the energy of the home. Even according to feng shui theories, if an unmarried woman hangs a picture of flowers on her wall, she will find a suitable husband. Certainly plants have a positive effect on everyone’s home. In addition to beautifying your house, they capture negative energy and convert it into positive energy. So if you don’t have a single flower, consider getting at least one. Just be careful when choosing, because not all plants have positive properties on the success and harmony of your home.

Photo: Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Popularly known as Spath, Mauna Loa, or peace lily
Plant Family: Araceae
Country of origin:  Colombia and Venezuela
Toxicity: May be poisonous to humans, cats, and dogs
Known benefit: NASA-certified natural air purifier for benzene and formaldehyde.

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