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NewsEuropean Parliament Press Kit for the European Council of 24 February 2022

European Parliament Press Kit for the European Council of 24 February 2022

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Free movement: Schengen reform to ensure border controls only as a last resort

The reform of border controls within the free movement Schengen area can only be reintroduced when absolutely necessary.
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Reducing pollution in EU groundwater and surface waters

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Critical raw materials – plans to secure EU supply and sovereignty

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In this press kit, you will find a selection of the European Parliament’s press releases that show MEPs’ priorities in relation to topics on the summit agenda.

European Parliament President, Roberta Metsola, will represent the European Parliament at the summit and address the heads of state or government and hold a press conference in the European Council press room on Thursday, 24 February at 20:30.

EU leaders will meet physically today for a special summit meeting to discuss the situation in Ukraine following Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified military actions that undermine European and regional security and stability.

Additional information, including contact details for the MEPs involved, can be found on the European Parliament’s website.

President’s and group leaders’ statement on Russia’s military attack on Ukraine

Earlier today, Parliament’s President and group leaders adopted a statement on Russia’s military attack on Ukraine, and announced an extraordinary plenary session for next Tuesday 1 March.

“We remain firm in our unity, in our resolve and in our response to unprovoked Russian aggression. The European Parliament supports an unprecedented European and international response, including new and severe sanctions that will ensure the Kremlin will be held accountable for its actions”, the Conference of Presidents strongly condemned the Russian attack on Ukraine, and expressed full solidarity and support for Ukraine and its people. “Ukraine is an independent and sovereign nation and its territorial integrity is non-negotiable. The invasion is unjustified and illegal. It is a threat to European and regional stability, as well as to the rules-based world order. The attack targets our model of democratic society. It cannot go unanswered”, the statement concluded.

European Parliament resolution adopted in December

In a resolution on Ukraine, adopted in December, the European Parliament expressed its support for Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders.

Financial support to Ukraine

On Wednesday, 16 February, MEPs gave the green light to a €1.2 billion macro-financial loan to help Ukraine cover its external financing needs in 2022. Parliament agreed to a Commission proposal to provide Kyiv with macro-financial assistance, an emergency resource for EU neighbourhood countries struggling to pay their bills. Half of the 1.2 billion euro loan can be disbursed immediately to foster stability in Ukraine, if certain preconditions are met.

Fact-finding mission to Ukraine (30 January-1 February)

A high-level delegation of the European Parliament concluded a fact-finding mission to Ukraine three weeks ago. Nine members from the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee and Security and Defence Subcommittee, led by Chairs David McAllister (EPP, DE) and Nathalie Loiseau (Renew, FR) met with Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk as well as other Ukrainian authorities and civil society organisations. During their visit from 30 January to 1 February, MEPs emphasised that the military build-up and hybrid warfare attacks on Ukraine are regarded as attacks on European security as a whole that amount to a systematic attempt by Russia to create divisions in Europe and amongst Europeans and the United States. Besides Kyiv, the delegation visited Mariupol, strategic port in the southeast of Ukraine on the Sea of Azov.

Leading MEPs on Ukraine and Russia:

Mr David McAllister (EPP, DE), Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET), tel. +32 22845130, mail: [email protected]

Mr Witold Waszczykowski (ECR, PL), Chair of the Delegation to the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Association Committee, tel. +32 22845284, e-mail: [email protected]

Mr Ryszard Czarnecki (ECR, PL), Chair of the Delegation to the EU-Russia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee, tel. +32 22845441, mail: [email protected]

Mr Michael Gahler (EPP, DE), European Parliament’s Standing Rapporteur on Ukraine, tel. +32 22845977, mail: [email protected]

Mr Andrius Kubilius (EPP, LT), European Parliament’s Standing Rapporteur on Russia, tel. +32 22845735, mail: [email protected]

Ms. Nathalie Loiseau (Renew, FR), Chair of the Subcommittee on Security and Defence (SEDE), tel. +32 22845415, mail: [email protected]

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