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InternationalThe United States has approved eye drops that replace adult reading glasses

The United States has approved eye drops that replace adult reading glasses

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This is how people with senile farsightedness are helped

The US health regulator has approved eye drops that can replace reading glasses for people with senile farsightedness, BNT reports.

The drug has been in pharmacies in the United States since early December. One drop in each eye provides sharper vision for six to 10 hours. The effect appears 15 minutes after application.

The natural ability of the eye to reduce the size of the pupil is used. This allows a person to focus on objects at different distances in a natural way.

128 million Americans suffer from senile farsightedness. A 30-day course of the drug costs about $ 80. The effect is best in people between 40 and 55 years.

750 volunteers participated in the three-month clinical trials. Headaches and red eyes have been reported as possible side effects, the manufacturer said.

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