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NewsThe Bulgarian government has doubled subsidized places for Macedonian students

The Bulgarian government has doubled subsidized places for Macedonian students

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Bulgarian prime minister Kiril Petkov was on a visit to the Republic of Northern Macedonia, where he met with the newly elected Prime Minister of our western neighbor Dimitar Kovachevski. “The meeting between the two prime ministers will probably be without an interpreter. They will still try to lie again to Bulgaria and Bulgaria to behave as it did in 2017,” said Macedonian journalist Viktor Kanzunov in the studio of Bulgaria ON AIR.

 “It is a mistake for the Bulgarian side at this stage to insist that ethnic Bulgarians be part of the preamble to the RNM Constitution. This is very dangerous, because in the last year it has been a major request from Bulgaria, and this practically does not solve anything,” he insisted. .

According to him, Bulgaria should be a crazy country and Bulgarian politicians should be crazy if they give the green light to a country where the ruling majority is anti-Bulgarian.

“If there is a politician who accepts that we have a common history, that in the past we were one people … But even if there is such a politician, he will think that he will lose the elections,” said Viktor Kanzunov.

“I can’t guess when they will finally find a person who will be an ambassador here, this is absolutely irresponsible on the part of the RNM,” said the Macedonian journalist.

According to him, the hostility on their part will remain. And there could be a change if the RNM society goes through an internal catharsisStudents from the

At meeting, the Council of Ministers days before the visit doubled the state-subsidized places for admission of students from the Republic of Northern Macedonia in Bulgarian universities. The places increase from 150 to 300, and up to five students will be able to continue their doctoral studies in full-time form.

Bulgarian diasporas are exempt from application fees and tuition fees

The changes are aimed at expanding and strengthening education as a priority area of ​​Bulgarian policy towards the Republic of Northern Macedonia and the Bulgarians living there.

Students from the Bulgarian diasporas who do not have a document of Bulgarian citizenship will also be able to apply to Bulgarian universities. They are exempt from application and tuition fees if they are nationals of one of the following countries: Albania, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine.

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