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NewsHarvard Innovation Lab Venture Releases Season Two of Podcast Flame Bearers, to...

Harvard Innovation Lab Venture Releases Season Two of Podcast Flame Bearers, to Shed Light on Women and Olympians

Top Podcast Flame Bearers Releases Season Two

Social impact podcast Flame Bearers, hosted by Harvard grad student Jamie Mittelman, shows athletes and non-athletes alike that anything is possible.

I created this podcast to be a microphone for women who are true masters of resilience, whom we can all learn from.”
— Jamie Mittelman

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS , UNITED STATES, January 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The massive inspiration derived from Olympians’ phenomenal athletic achievements is undeniable. In particular, women Olympians. But Paralympians take inspiration to the next level in achieving what is unthinkable for even those without disabilities.Flame Bearers, a Harvard Innovation Lab and HKS Women in Public Policy Program supported podcast, has just released its second season ahead of the Paralympic Games, which take place in March of this year.

The podcast celebrates the journeys of women identified as Olympians and Paralympians while supplying actionable analyses of issues closest to their hearts. After its launch, the podcast quickly became in the top 2% of podcasts listened to globally.

Launched by graduate student Jamie Mittelman amid the global coronavirus pandemic, the podcast serves as an outlet for athletes to explore their biggest triumphs and challenges while instilling inspiration and hope for listeners worldwide.

“This podcast helped me understand the power of sports, how it impacts lives, and the importance of sharing our stories with a wider audience,” shared para-badminton world champion Manasi Joshi.

“There are so many people going through similar experiences, and when we can relate, we feel we are not alone,” she added.

Mittelman created the podcast as an outlet to overcome personal grief and hardships.

“I started the podcast almost as my rescue mission. The last four years have been hard on my family. We lost my dad, almost lost my mom, and have struggled to rebalance on four legs instead of five. I didn’t realize just how deeply this had darkened my world until COVID hit, and I began to see others struggling with pain and isolation,” she said.

In addition, of course, to being a positive distraction from her challenges, Mittelman also has a big vision for the podcast.

“I created this podcast to be a microphone for women who are true masters of resilience, whom we can all learn from. Sport connects us all regardless of race, religion, class, sexuality, or any other qualifier one can imagine. My goal is to spark hope in a time of uncertainty and pain. If I can reach just one person, I’m happy,” she added.

Mittelman cites sports as being one of the greatest teachers in her own life be it playing soccer, ski racing, or running track. She also struggled with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and perfectionism, which often impact athletes, particularly women.

Episodes have explored issues ranging from challenges of physical disability to issues of perfectionism and social matters, including transgender rights and climate change. Athletes who have been on the podcast have gained not just exposure but also catharsis by sharing their stories.

“Working with Flame Bearers hosted by Jamie Mittelman was incredible, one of the best podcasts I have ever been a part of,” shared Sophia Herzog, silver medalist of the 2016 Paralympic games and 2x World Champion and 5x World medalist.

In Herzog’s episode, the two discussed the challenges of Herzog’s dwarfism and how her physical challenges contributed to both life achievements and barriers.

Season Two brings more illumination, hope, and exposure to women-identified Paralympians and Olympians than last. The first episode can be found here and more information on the website.

About Flame Bearers: Flame Bearers is a Harvard Innovation Lab-supported podcast launched and hosted by Harvard graduate student Jamie Mittelman. The podcast has the mission to celebrate the current generation of women Olympians and Paralympians actively. The podcast’s episodes feature untold stories of the complex daily tradeoffs and tensions many athletes feel about sensitive issues while also highlighting their personal and professional triumphs. More information can be found on the Flame Bearers website.


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