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Books‘Swachhta ke Rang’: Chandigarh Adviser launches colouring book for school kids

‘Swachhta ke Rang’: Chandigarh Adviser launches colouring book for school kids

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Children are set to learn good practices on keeping the city clean through a novel colouring book ‘Swachhata Ke Rang.’ In a bid to create awareness about ‘Mission Swachh Chandigarh’ among children, the Municipal Corporation has released a colouring book on cleanliness.

Dharam Pal, UT Adviser formally released the 20-page colouring book in the presence of Nitin Kumar Yadav, Home Secretary, Anindita Mitra, Commissioner, MCC, SS Gill, Secretary Education and other officers of Chandigarh Administration here on Friday.

While elaborating about the coloring book, the Adviser said that the book depicts cartoons with a message pertaining to solid waste management and general cleanliness along with segregation of waste at source.

The Adviser asked the Secretary, Education, Chandigarh to chalk out a policy to introduce this book in school syllabus to engage children in the Swachh Bharat Mission in a different way. He said that participation of every segment of society is necessary to make cleanliness mission a success and colouring books are efforts to engage children towards the mission.

The description of cartoons has been designed to educate school kids about every aspect of Swachh Bharat Mission including attractive tag lines like ‘Do your Bit, do not Spit’, ‘Make your planet fantastic, stop the use of plastic’, etc.

The Adviser said that this initiative of the MC will push Mission Swachh Chandigarh one step further towards making Swachh Bharat a ‘jan andolan’.

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