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FoodNew Food Safety Community of Practice will help share knowledge and improve...

New Food Safety Community of Practice will help share knowledge and improve practice

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WHO announces the launch of a new Food Safety Community of Practice (COP). Community of Practice is a new peer-to-peer online forum for global professionals working on and sharing interest in food safety issues, who seek to deepen their knowledge and expertise in this area, exchange information and discuss ideas by interacting on an ongoing basis. 

The COP’s goal is to expand learning potential, share diverse experiences and knowledge, encourage an understanding of new perspectives and stimulate individual and collective learning. This functional and active community of practitioners serves to streamline and expand quality technical information over time.

The Community of Practice will:

  • share, exchange and develop knowledge and improve the practice;   
  • learn first-hand from experts at regular events; 
  • access updates on WHO food safety resources and new publications;
  • share lessons learned and knowledge based on collective reflection of its members.

Members will receive access to regular webinars, monthly updates and food safety resources. They will also submit their resources, event announcements and other content on food safety to be shared with other members of the Community of Practice.

To find out more, visit the Food Safety Community of Practice webpage.

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