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NewsHopewell’s small-town charm has attracted new residents

Hopewell’s small-town charm has attracted new residents

Paul and Craig on the steps of their river-front home

Kelly and Brenner on their deck

Kelly & Brenner on their deck

Robin and Eric on their front steps

Robin and Eric on their front steps

Hopewell’s small-town charm attracts new residents who are retired or approaching retirement. They find affordable housing, friendly people and river access.

We were at a point in time where the kids were leaving home and we were beginning to think about the next chapter in our lives.”
— Brenner

HOPEWELL, VIRGINIA, USA, November 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The small-town charm of Hopewell, Virginia, has attracted new residents, especially those who are retired or approaching retirement. In Hopewell they can find affordable housing, friendly neighborhoods and river access.Moving to Hopewell from Charlottesville:

Retirees Paul, 72, and his wife Craig, 69, moved to Hopewell from Charlottesville, Virginia, in March 2018. The couple was on the way to view an old stone, waterfront house in Hampton, Virginia, and stopped by to view their current home on the way. They never made it to Hampton, choosing instead to purchase their current, waterfront home in Hopewell’s Cameron Landing neighborhood.

They were attracted by the 3000 square foot custom-built brick house in a wooded setting on the Appomattox River. The couple has added a dock to allow them river access for their five kayaks. One of the kayaks converts to a trimaran sailboat.

“We sit on the porch and we’re on vacation,” said Paul. He pointed out that the house is built 100 feet back from the river’s edge, which makes it ecologically sound and conformant with the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act. Their interest in the river and ecology drew them immediately to the Friends of the Lower Appomattox River (FOLAR). The group sponsors activities on and along the river and is developing a 25-mile river-side trail in collaboration with six jurisdictions from Dinwiddie’s Lake Chesdin to Hopewell’s City Point. Paul is on the FOLAR board. He also serves as vice president of their homeowner’s association and he serves on the Hopewell Planning Commission.

Moving to Hopewell from Richmond:

Brenner and Kelly, both in their 50s, moved from Richmond to Hopewell in October 2020.

“We were looking for a few things in coming to Hopewell,” said Brenner. “We’ve always liked the feeling of a small community, something Kelly and I both grew up with. We work in Richmond but wanted a quieter community setting to come home to. We were at a point in time where the kids were leaving home and we were beginning to think about the next chapter in our lives.”

They found Hopewell close enough to easily commute from Richmond. Hopewell offers them the small town feel as well as a lower cost of living. Selling their home in Richmond, they took advantage of the higher property values there to restructure some of their finances in preparation for their eventual retirements.

Brenner and Kelly have found Hopewell’s Mansion Hills to be “a great friendly neighborhood that’s wonderful for walking and meeting people,” said Brenner. The couple has enjoyed cookouts and street gatherings, walking on the Riverwalk in City Park and seeing historic Weston Manor at sunset.

“We’ve enjoyed and supported the family-owned businesses in Hopewell and try to buy locally as much as we can,” said Brenner. “We’re excited about the potential of the city and the revitalization happening downtown. We can see the effort that’s gone into the community, and we’d love to join those who’ve been working hard to make it a success.”

Moving to Hopewwell from Middleburg:

Retirees Eric and Robin, both in their 60s, also live in Mansion Hills on the Appomattox River. They moved to Hopewell from the Middleburg area of Northern Virginia in 2017 to escape the rapidly encroaching development, to be nearer their grandchildren and to be able to continue their sport of mounted foxhunting. After looking at Williamsburg and Newport News, they chose Hopewell, where home prices were much more affordable, the neighborhood more diverse and traffic less hectic.

Eric likes the proximity to several golf courses and he enjoys local shopping at Randolph Market. Robin retired from a career in commercial interiors and was attracted to the architecture of their home, which was designed and built using flooring, molding, hardware and bricks from an historic home.

Robin recently joined the Board of the Historic Hopewell Foundation, whose office is located in Weston Manor, once a working Colonial farm on the Appomattox River.

They both believe Hopewell is enjoying a rebirth of culture, art and economic development. “It is a blessing to live in a community where your voice and work can make a difference,” Robin said.

About Hopewell, Virginia:

Hopewell is a quaint city of 23,000 about 20 miles south or Virginia’s capital at Richmond and at the crossroads of 400 years of history. Located at the confluence of the James and Appomattox Rivers, Hopewell offers affordable housing, historic attractions, outdoor activities including boating and water sports as well as a new River Walk.


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