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NewsAexos announces exciting rebrand to Kapsul and “Live what you love for...

Aexos announces exciting rebrand to Kapsul and “Live what you love for longer” Campaign

The Kapsul collar easily integrates into apparel or protective solutions

the kapsul collar png Aexos announces exciting rebrand to Kapsul and “Live what you love for longer” Campaign

The Kapsul collar

New branding and business model shift better represents vision of the company.

WATERLOO, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Aexos, creators of the Halo collar, have recently completely an extensive rebranding initiative driven by an evolution of the company, its research and vision for the future. Effective immediately, both the brand and company name are Kapsul.“Although there have been advancements in protective solutions, the neck has remained neglected, creating a gap in protection. We set out to solve this problem” states CEO Dr. Daryl Sherman. “At Kapsul, our goal is to enhance neck joint stability through the dissipation of multiple forces to help mitigate the risk of injury, pain or strain.”

When describing the technology that solves this problem, Kapsul created the term Dynamic Neck Stabilization Technology (DNST). DNST ensures the technology allows for all the dynamic movements an athlete requires while stabilizing and supporting the neck. Kapsul’s functional patent allows them to place their lightweight adaptive absorption foam across the neck joints directly against the skin.

Kapsul has spent the last 6 years focused on research and testing in collaboration with top Canadian universities such as University of Waterloo and the Canadian military. While computerized modelling has helped to prove the efficacy of the collar, subjective testing with athletes and the military has put the collar through extreme environments to ensure it works in all conditions. During testing, it became clear that the importance of the neck was a vertically agnostic problem and a shift in business model was required. Kapsul made the change to focus itself as an ingredient brand, partnering with market leading brands across several verticals globally. The Kapsul collar will integrate into brand apparel or protective solutions that make sense for the athlete. These likeminded brand partners want to see their athletes enjoying their sport for as long as possible.

“At Kapsul we know one of the worst things that can happen to an athlete is having to quit doing what they love” states CEO Dr. Daryl Sherman. “While the neck and its importance may not be buzz words now, when you build the story of doing what you love for as long as possible, that’s a story everyone can get behind.

About Kapsul

KapsulTM is a Canadian design and technology company that focuses on the importance of enhancing the stability of the neck to help minimize damage to its joints. Their patented Kapsul collar utilizes a lightweight adaptive absorption foam which helps support and stabilize the neck. It is the only dynamic neck stabilization product on the market designed to help protect athletes from injury, strain, or fatigue without impeding range of motion. Partnering with market leading brands in multiple sports, militaries, and occupations, Kapsul easily integrates into multiple apparel and protective solutions. 

For more information, please visit www.kapsultech.com.  


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article gif 1 Aexos announces exciting rebrand to Kapsul and “Live what you love for longer” Campaign

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