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ENTERTAINMENTBulgaria: A red deer perceives himself to be a cow

Bulgaria: A red deer perceives himself to be a cow

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A red deer thinks for himself to be a cow in the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountain.

Although it sounds ridiculous, it creates problems for the people in the Kardzhali village of Kyosevo, NOVA TV reports. The deer roam part of the herd every day and injure the cows with its huge horns. Lopatar was displaced in the area years ago and pleased the locals, but now it is causing them problems.

Every morning, as Suleiman’s herd moves to the outskirts of the village of Kyosevo, a strange horn joins the cows. The red deer, which is a wild animal, has been trying to make friends with cattle for more than two years. He is part of more than 240 of his displaced brethren over the years in the area.

“We play them 10-12 at a time. Somehow he separated from his herd and recognized the cows as a herd “, explained Vasil Donchev – chairman of the hunting and fishing association in Kardzhali.

Until a year ago, the strange member of the herd of cows rather entertained the locals. But this is no longer the case. Although he has been earning his living by raising cows for decades, Suleiman has already decided to give up animal husbandry. However, the deer has started attacking domestic animals and stabbing them with its horns. This forced the breeders to turn to various institutions for help.

The deer began to enter the stables in the village, and there were cars hit by its horns. The local hunting association had already tried to evict him with rubber cartridges, but that didn’t work. Although there is a permit to shoot after the locals complain, the hunters do not intend to kill the wild animal for now.

“Now I talked to my colleague from Belogradchik, they want to buy it and let it in some enclosed space, where there are horses, deer,” Donchev explained.

The option to deal with the problem is for the negotiations to be completed successfully and for the deer to be sent to a zoo. Finally, the deer is to be transported to a protected area near Burgas, a reporter told 24rodopi.com.

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