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NewsAI Technology to Protect Users’ Eyes: Smart Glasses

AI Technology to Protect Users’ Eyes: Smart Glasses

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Smart Glasses with a Purpose: Tokyo Company Launches AI Technology to Protect Users’ Eyes

HoldOn Ai/ Glasses Designed to Prevent Bad Habits like Eye Strain and Bad Posture

NISHISHINJUKU, SHINJUKU-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN, September 23, 2021 – As smart glasses continue their rise in popularity, one company in Tokyo is taking the trend a step further by using artificial intelligence to help protect the person wearing them. Unlike traditional smart glasses that are primarily used for hands-free demands, HoldOn Ai/Glasses come equipped with alerts that analyze if a person is sitting too close to a device, if the lighting is too dark for reading, and even if they’re slouching or exhibiting bad posture.Developed by leading Japanese lifestyle product manufacturer, ClearElectron, HoldOn Ai/Glasses will be introduced to the United States market for the very first time this month at the Vision Expo West 2021 in Las Vegas. Attendees are invited to sample the glasses which also boast a corresponding app that delivers customized reports on the wearer’s screen time on devices like smartphones, laptops and TVs to help them develop good habits. Likewise, the glasses are blue light blocking, providing excess protection against the harmful eye-damaging ray, which may impact retinal cells.

The launch comes on the recent reveal that screen time is at an all-time high, resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Research found that adults over the age of 18 experienced an increase in overall screen usage during by as much as 40 percent during that period. And with more people working from home, HoldOn Ai/Glasses can provide a benefit to employees, prompting them to take more frequent breaks and ensure their remote workstation is providing them with maximum comfort.

“Knowing how many more people are spending time on their phones and computers these days, we wanted to reinvent the notion of smart glasses to provide a benefit for users and help them lock in these good habits now,” said Shiken Ono, CEO of ClearElectron. “The HoldOn Ai/Glasses provide real-time data to help them make those lifestyle changes.”

In addition to screen reading, the HoldOn Ai/Glasses can also be worn while driving. Special sensors alert drivers if they start to doze off by identifying the shifting position of their neck and ultimately making the road a safer place. HoldOn Ai/Glasses also provide benefits to children including notifying parents of the time a child spends on their digital devices.

Those interested in being one of the first to experience HoldOn Ai/Glasses can stop by the product’s booth #P21075 at Vision Expo West, held Thursday, September 23 – Saturday, September 25 at the Sands Expo & Convention Center inside the Venetian. For more information, visit www.HoldOnAiGlasses.com.

About HoldOn Ai/ Glasses

HoldOn Ai/Glasses are a revolutionary line of smart glasses designed to protect users’ eyes and help them develop healthy neck and back habits. Developed by leading Japanese lifestyle manufacturer ClearElectron, the first-of-its-kind glasses are equipped with benefits including alerts for when someone is sitting too close to a device or exhibiting bad posture. For more information on HoldOn Ai/ Glasses, visit their official website at www.HoldOnAiGlasses.com or the ClearElectron company website at www.ClearElectron.com.

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Ai/Glasses are smart glasses from Tokyo that uses AI to correct bad posture and protect your eyes.

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