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Britain returned to Bulgaria illegally exported artifacts

Illegally exported cultural property was returned by the competent institutions in the United Kingdom to the Bulgarian side

At an official ceremony today at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in London on the Bulgarian side, the competent institutions in the United Kingdom returned illegally exported cultural property. This was announced by the press center of the Ministry of Culture, BTA reported.

The ceremony was opened by the Ambassador of our country to the United Kingdom Marin Raykov,

in the presence of representatives of the General Directorate “Inspectorate for Preservation of Cultural Heritage” of the Ministry of Culture – Director General Alexander Traikov and Head of Department Maria Todorova, as well as representatives of the DGCOC of the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior. Representatives of the London Police, the Border Police, the Kent Police and the British Museum took part in the ceremony on behalf of the United Kingdom.

Special guests were the operational police officers, who seized the trafficked cultural property, the prosecutor working on the case, as well as the customs officers who seized the illegally imported items on the territory of the United Kingdom.

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