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EuropeBeautiful poppy fields bloomed in the Odessa region

Beautiful poppy fields bloomed in the Odessa region

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Incredible beauty in Ovidiopol

Poppy fields have blossomed in the Odessa region. Thousands of flowers have turned the outskirts of Ovidiopol into a red carpet, the site https://www.meteoprog.ua/ reports.

Ovidiopol is a village in the Odessa region, which is located on the eastern bank of the Dniester estuary. Once on the site of the village of Ovidiopol there was a gateway from the Varangians to the Greeks. It was a trade route connecting the lands of Kievan Rus with the Byzantine Empire.

Captured by the beauty of the “poppy seas”, residents of Odessa and guests began to massively upload their photos to the social network. However, environmentalists warn: these picturesque locations are annually harmed by such visitors.

Poppies are very delicate flowers, and people break them, trample them, pluck them. Therefore, ecologists urge fans of picturesque fields to treat them more carefully so that they can return here again next year.

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