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FoodNature Bio Foods BV inaugurates futuristic organic food processing plant in Netherlands

Nature Bio Foods BV inaugurates futuristic organic food processing plant in Netherlands

Nature Bio Foods BV (NBF BV), a 100% subsidiary of Nature Bio Foods (NBF) India, one of leading organic food producers and a subsidiary of LT Foods on Wednesday announced the inauguration of its futuristic organic food processing plant at Maasvlakte near Rotterdam, Netherlands.
The new state-of-the-art integrated organic ingredients processing facility of Nature Bio Foods is another step in the company’s efforts to provide organic food ingredients to customers through a sustainable supply chain.

Nature Bio Foods BV offers a vast bouquet of quality organic food ingredients, which are directly sourced from sustainable organic farms of India, Africa, and other Asian countries. NBF in the past few years has set-up its distribution channels in the US and Europe to fortify its business model and other existing networks across geographies.

Strengthening its establishments further, Nature Bio Foods has setup now food processing capabilities in EU which would allow it to reach its customers and brands directly.

The inauguration of the new state-of-the-art line was presided over by the Ambassador of India to the Netherlands Mr. Pradeep Kumar Rawat.

Commenting on the occasion, chairman Mr. V K Arora said, “Nature Bio Foods has had an impeccable legacy in supplying quality organic food ingredients to its customers in some of the most regulated & demanding markets across the globe. We take immense pride in adding yet another induction of latest technology in our Rotterdam facility which is in-line with the long-term vision of the Company to expand and strengthen its organic business in Europe.”

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