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EuropeFugitive rapist of 84-year-old woman snared by EU-funded task force in Spain’s...

Fugitive rapist of 84-year-old woman snared by EU-funded task force in Spain’s Barcelona

n’);document.write(‘n nn’);} ONE OF Europe’s most-wanted men has been arrested this week for the rape of an 84-year-old woman in 2009.

National Police Forces of Spain and France coordinated with ENFAST to track and detain the 48-year-old Frenchman near Barcelona.

FUGITIVE: Caught after four years on the run

Although he used a false Italian identity to try to hide in this country, he was located and arrested in the coastal town of Casteldefels, 16 miles south of Catalonia’s capital.

The man had an OEDE (European Arrest and Surrender Order) issued against him by European authorities.

RAPIST: Attacked an 84-year-old woman in his native France

The rape was carried out in 2009, but DNA didn’t link him to the crime until 2012.

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His trial in 2016 resulted in him being sentenced to 10 years in prison.

What is ENFAST?

ENFAST stands for European Network of Fugitive Active Search Teams.

The EU provides funding to bring together a core group of crime experts, sharing intelligence from the 27 (previously 28) EU Member States, Europol, Interpol and US Marshals.

Europol provides its Platform for Experts (EPE) to the national fugitive teams enabling the exchange of essential information.

They also publish the ‘Europe’s Most Wanted’ list on their website.

Training is provided to senior police officers on issues vital to the security of the European Union and its citizens.

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