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BooksFuneral home directors release book for pastors

Funeral home directors release book for pastors

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JACKSON, Tenn. — Directors at a local funeral home released a new book aimed at helping pastors in Jackson speak to families at funeral services.

When you think about public speaking, a funeral service may not come to mind.

President and Founder of Arrington Funeral Directors, Bob Arrington and Rev. Ron Hale, the head of ministry and church outreach, are helping ministers give hopeful messages while speaking at a funeral service.

“Funerals are for the living and to celebrate the deceased. People that [have] been asked to speak may not be as comfortable speaking about death. This gives them an opportunity to have a little bit of resource and refresh,” Arrington said.

“Victory Over Death: Funeral Messages of Hope and Healing” is a book giving tools to pastors, especially ministerial students who may not know a lot about giving messages to families at a funeral.

“They didn’t know a lot about what’s involved in being a minister and pastor through a funeral experience,” Arrington said. “We’ve also found young pastors that are serving young churches that haven’t really had a funeral experience.”

He says he hopes to reach pastors that will accomplish the goal of helping to better serve grieving families, while also benefiting from new inspiration.

“So there is a variety of subject matters and visions and approaches that’s good for a resource for young pastors and late people that are being asked to speak at funeral services,” Arrington said.

Pastors can get a free copy of the book at Christian Publishers Outlet Saturday, November 14.

Books can also be ordered on Amazon.

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