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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
FoodDid you try Napolitan pizza at La Piola in Brussels?

Did you try Napolitan pizza at La Piola in Brussels?

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The pizzeria Piola uses the best ingredients of quality and is directly coming from Italy. Specialty: the “cornicione” and the croutte, it is poured into the buffalo ricotta. But let you also try the suggestions that evolve during the seasons, it will impress you for sure!

Located in Place Saint-Josse, La Piola Pizza offers a variety of pizzas all tastier than the others. Recognized as part of the intangible heritage of UNESCO, the Neapolitan pizzas offered à la carte are made in respect of tradition and are cooked over a wood fire.

Since May 25th, and due to COVID19, they have reinvented themselves, and you find them at

From the big Piola family in Brussels, Piola in Casa: books, wine and pizza delivery.

Piola in Casa is a virtual shop that unites Jacopo, cofounder of Piolalibri and Beit Live, two italian cultural hubs in Brussels, Nicola, creator of the original Piola and now importer of quality wines with DeWine and finally Andrea and Carmine those magicians owners of Piola Pizza, voted one of the 50 best pizzerias in Europe.

How does it work?

1) Do you already know which book or wine to buy? Send us an email with the order and your data to: piolaincasa@gmail.com

2) Are you looking for inspiration? Consult our catalogue of books and wines and send us an email to piolaincasa@gmail.com with your order

3) Wait for a confirmation email with the details to make the payment by bank transfer

4) After payment, you will receive your order at home in no time

5) Want a pizza? Order directly from Piola Pizza on Uber Eats

Three good reasons to try Piola in Casa:

All italian books at the cover price directly to your home, without delivery costs in a week!

A wide selection of wines, for all budgets, in a couple of days on your doorstep!

You miss the pizza made by someone other than you, Piola Pizza!

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