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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Should taxpayers’ money in Belgium go to suspicious anti-cults outfits?

HRWF (12.07.2023) – On June 26, the Federal Observatory on Cults (CIAOSN / IACSSO), officially known as the “Center for Information and Advice on Harmful Cultic Organizations” and created by the law of June 2,...

UN Alerts on Surge in Acts of Religious Hatred

Surge of Religious hatred / In recent times, the world has witnessed a disturbing increase in premeditated and public acts of religious hatred, particularly the desecration of the Holy Quran in certain European and other countries

Belgium, Is CIAOSN ‘Cults Observatory’ at odds with principles of the European Court of Human Rights?

Learn about the controversy surrounding the concept of "cults" and the legality of identifying them. Discover the conflicting views between the Belgian Cult Observatory and the European Court of Human Rights regarding "harmful cultic organizations".

The oppression of minorities in Iran, the Azerbaijani community as a symbol of Iranian tragedy

An international conference entitled "The oppression of Minorities in Iran: The Azeri community as an example "was organised at the European Parliament by the Azeri Front movement organization and Epp group .

UN Urges Türkiye Not to Deport Persecuted Ahmadi Religious Minority

GENEVA (5 July 2023) – UN human rights experts* asked Turkiye last Tuesday not to deport over 100 members of a persecuted religious minority who were seized last month at the Turkish-Bulgarian border. They also urged the...

Russia, A Jehovah’s Witness to serve two years of forced labor

Read about the case of Dmitriy Dolzhikov, a Jehovah's Witness in Russia who was found guilty of extremism and sentenced to forced labor.

MEP Peter van Dalen’s Farewell to the European Parliament

MEP Peter van Dalen (Christian Union) has announced today on his website his departure from the European Parliament, concluding a remarkable tenure spanning over 14 years. Upon the request of the national executive of...

German delegate to the OSCE encourages Scientologists to seek FoRB protection when discriminated against by state agencies

EINPRESSWIRE // OSCE Viena - The protection of freedom of religion and belief is a fundamental pillar of democratic societies, and the issue of tolerance and non-discrimination is a major one that the OSCE – ODIHR approaches with...

Argentina and its Yoga School: Happy 85th birthday, Mr Percowicz

Today, on 29 June, Juan Percowicz, the founder of the Yoga School of Buenos Aires (BAYS), is 85 years old. Last year, six weeks after his birthday, he was arrested with 18 other people from his yoga school...

Giorgia Meloni, “Religious freedom is not a second-class right”

Religious Freedom / Freedom of Religion or Belief / Good morning to all. I greet and thank "Aid to the Church in Need" for the extraordinary work it has carried out since 1947 and for...

Christians in Syria doomed to disappear in 20 years

Christians in Syria are doomed to disappear within two decades if the international community does not develop specific policies to protect them. This was the call for urgent assistance from Christian Syrian activists who had...

According to EU, the Pentecost Nigerian massacre has nothing to do with religion

Dozens of Christians were massacred in a church, attending service, standing under a crucifix with their children, and Europe says it is ” shocked. ” But ” the root causes of this insecurity in...

A Catholic priest from Belarus testified at the European Parliament

European Parliament / Belarus // On 31 May, MEPs Bert-Jan Ruissen and Michaela Sojdrova organized an event at the European Parliament about religious freedom in Belarus titled “Help the Christians in Belarus.” One of the speakers was...

Turkey, Physical and sexual violence by police against 100+ Ahmadi asylum-seekers

On 24 May, over 100 members of the Ahmadi Religion – women, children and elderly people – from seven Muslim-majority countries, where they are considered heretics, presented themselves at the Turkish-Bulgarian border to lodge...

Did anti-cult Federation FECRIS lose at once 38 member-associations, or did it fake numbers?

FECRIS is the European Federation of Centers for Research and Information on Sects and Cults, an umbrella organization funded by the French government, that gathers and coordinates “anti-cult” organizations throughout Europe and beyond. It...

Tajikistan, Release of Jehovah’s Witness Shamil Khakimov, 72, after four years in prison

Jehovah's Witness Shamil Khakimov, 72, was released from prison in Tajikistan after serving the full term of his four-year sentence. He had been imprisoned on spurious charges of “inciting religious hatred.”

Germany brought to ECtHR for denying accreditation to a Christian school

A Christian hybrid school provider, based in Laichingen, Germany, is challenging the German state’s restrictive educational system. After the initial application in 2014, the Association for Decentralized Learning was denied approval to offer primary and secondary education by German authorities, despite fulfilling all state-mandated criteria and curricula

Cleric killed in Pakistan by mob following blasphemy accusation

Blasphemy, a mob in the city of Mardan, Pakistan, murdered a local cleric who was accused of making a blasphemous remark

BitterWinter.org exposes how FECRIS fabricated a cover-up of Russian links

FECRIS - Yet once more, the specialized human rights magazine BitterWinter.org, founded by expert Massimo Introvigne, broke the news this morning with the latest "fabrication" of FECRIS. We encourage readers to access the full...

Secular States Struggling with Religious Freedom, conference at ETF of Leuven

The right to religious freedom is recognised and implemented by the vast majority of countries that value the UDHR. But the extent to which a liberal society should support religious diversity remains a subject...

In March-April, 12 Jehovah’s Witnesses sentenced to 76 years in prison in all

Not only Russian citizens disagreeing about Russia’s war on Ukraine or asking Putin to stop the war are sentenced to heavy prison terms. Jehovah’s Witnesses whose organization was banned by the Supreme Court in...

Russia, Moscow City Court orders oppressive liquidation of human Rights NGO SOVA Center

As reported by SOVA Center, the remaining most active human rights NGO in Russia, the Russian oppressive fist is now falling on them. We reproduce here the statement of SOVA: On April 27, 2023 Judge Vyacheslav Polyga of the Moscow City Court considered the request filed by Russia’s Ministry of Justice to liquidate the...

European Parliament condemns Nigerian speech laws putting musician on death row for blasphemy

Near-unanimous resolution urges Nigeria to “repeal the blasphemy laws at federal and state level”   Supreme Court of Nigeria to hear case of Yahaya Sharif-Aminu, sentenced to death for blasphemy on Whatsapp   Brussels (20 April 2023) – ADF...

Bitter Winter and European experts go to Taiwan: Witnessing for Freedom of Religion or Belief

From April 5 to 11, Bitter Winter, its parent organization CESNUR, and the Brussels-based NGO Human Rights Without Frontiers organized a fact-finding tour of Taiwan, where they had decided to organize the 2023 edition...

Pakistan Forced Conversion situation

By Sumera Shafique Every year, human rights estimate that several hundred minor girls are forcibly married in Pakistan. While this is an issue that affects minor girls from all communities, girls from religious minorities are...
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