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Juan Sanchez Gil

Juan Sanchez Gil - at The European Times News - Mostly in the back lines. Reporting on corporate, social and governmental ethics issues in Europe and internationally, with emphasis on fundamental rights. Also giving voice to those not being listened to by the general media.
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Abaya - Group of Women Lying and Covering Their Faces

Abaya Ban in French Schools Reopens Contentious Laïcité Debate and Deep...

The ban on the abaya in French schools has sparked controversy and protests. The government aims to eliminate religious differences in education.
Youtube application

Decoding the Digital, 10 Things You Should Know About YouTube

In today's age, YouTube has become a widely recognized platform that has transformed the way we consume videos. Starting as a place for individuals...
Nazila Ghanea speech on religious hatred. at UN

UN Alerts on Surge in Acts of Religious Hatred

Surge of Religious hatred / In recent times, the world has witnessed a disturbing increase in premeditated and public acts of religious hatred, particularly the desecration of the Holy Quran in certain European and other countries
forest fires

Spain, alert for risk of forest fires and high temperatures

The risk of forest fires will continue to be very high or extreme in large parts of the country over the next few days. From...
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Spain, Hate crimes grew by 3.7% in 2022

Grande-Marlaska (Spain's Minister of Interior) presented the 'Report on the Evolution of hate crimes in Spain 2022' during the meeting of the 2nd Follow-up...
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UN Urges Türkiye Not to Deport Persecuted Ahmadi Religious Minority

GENEVA (5 July 2023) – UN human rights experts* asked Turkiye last Tuesday not to deport over 100 members of a persecuted religious minority who were seized...
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The Elite Club: Bikers Who Conquered the Tour de France 5...

The Tour de France, the pinnacle of professional cycling, has witnessed the rise of numerous exceptional athletes throughout its illustrious history of 120 years,...
people riding bicycle on road during daytime

Celebrating 120 Years of the Tour de France: A Legendary Cycling...

The Tour de France, the iconic cycling race that captivates enthusiasts and athletes alike, is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year. Since its inception...
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Pros and cons: International Ministerial on FoRB – London 2022

The fourth annual Ministerial conference on Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) was held in London following a strong impetus to bring awareness of,...

Will Mario Mauro be confirmed as the new EU Special Envoy on FoRB?

As per a newsletter from HRWF, it was the website Christian Network Europe (CNE) that broke the news on 4th July, of the EU...

How can We Protect the Coral Reefs Ecosystem?

Coral Reefs Ecosystem - Approximately 14 per cent of the world's corals have been lost since 2009, according to the "Status of Coral Reefs...

2022 Ministerial Conference on FoRB: London – Is there a meaningful role for civil society?

2022 Ministerial Conference on FoRB (Freedom of Religion or Belief): London, July 5-6 - Is there a meaningful role for civil society? - Reportedly,...

War: what is it that religions really say about peace?

In a time where peace has become more than the lack of war, war has hit what is considered the "civilized" world, there are...

Ukraine, winner of Eurovision 2022: Spain and Chanel’s result

Ukraine winner of Eurovision 2022 - At the same time, Chanel Terrero from Spain has fought for the top spot at Eurovision with SloMo...

EP Report – Persecution of minorities on the grounds of belief or religion, presented by Karol Karski

On May 2nd, the European Parliament made a short presentation of their report Persecution of minorities on the grounds of belief or religion (short...

ECtHR: Belgium condemned for discriminating against Jehovah’s Witnesses

Belgium was condemned for discriminating against Jehovah's Witnesses. Failure to grant congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses exemption from property tax in the Brussels-Capital Region since...

Zelenski to Spain: “It feels like April 1937 in Guernica”.

The newspaper 20 Minutos from Spain reported that the President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, addressed the Spain Congress of Deputies (Parliament) on Tuesday in...

Mental Health toll of cannabis soared after Scots went soft

According to a report, a record 1,263 new patients in Scotland sought psychiatric treatment last year. The figure relates to those patients treated for...
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