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InternationalA Path to Compassion: Gustavo Guillerme's Path to Peace and Understanding in...

A Path to Compassion: Gustavo Guillerme’s Path to Peace and Understanding in Brussels

Building Bridges of Peace: The Commitment of the EJCC and the "Encounter Park" Project (Parque del Encuentro)

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Juan Sanchez Gil
Juan Sanchez Gil
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Building Bridges of Peace: The Commitment of the EJCC and the "Encounter Park" Project (Parque del Encuentro)

In an emotional meeting at the European Jewish Community Center (EJCC) in Brussels, Gustavo Guillermé, President of the “World Congress for Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue, A Pathway to Peace,” together with the famed architect of diversity, Fabio Grementieri, met with Rabbi Avi Tawil and the Scientology representative to the EU and the UN, Iván Arjona Pelado.

This meeting not only marked the presentation of the “Parque del Encuentro” project in Santiago del Estero but also witnessed a moment full of symbolism and commitment.

Lighting Candles: An Act of Solidarity and Prayer.

Guillermé’s words resonated with sincerity as he expressed his honor to be alongside Rabbi Avi Tawil and Iván Arjona Pelado. While highlighting Rabbi Tawil’s significant work in strengthening intercultural and interfaith dialogue, Guillermé shared a special and moving moment. Amidst the solemnity, candles were lit in the EJCC synagogue to honor the victims of the attack of October 7th, “the most cowardly attack perpetrated by the terrorist group Hamas” said Guillermé.

This symbolic act transcends religious and cultural barriers, becoming a call for solidarity and prayer for all those suffering injustice around the world. The candlelight illuminated not only the physical space of the synagogue but also the shared commitment to build a more just and compassionate world.

Beacons of Tolerance and Knowledge

Led by Rabbi Avi Tawil, the EJCC stands as a beacon of tolerance and knowledge in the heart of Brussels’ European Quarter. This community-driven, people-oriented center has played a crucial role in promoting an understanding of Jewish culture in Europe. From lectures and educational courses to children’s programs, the EJCC has been a catalyst for building bridges between communities and promoting tolerance.

Similarly, the World Congress on Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue, chaired by Gustavo Guillermé, celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2023 and, in its various editions, has always brought together religious, diplomatic, and public figures to discuss and address issues and possible solutions, as well as good practices in the fields of education, health, technology, and human rights. The last of the projects launched by the Congress was the planting of trees together with the KKL organization, the first of which was done by members of the Church of Scientology in honor of the inspiration generated by Ron Hubbard (founder of this religion), to whom Guillermé dedicated a special recognition.

The Park of Encounter: Sowing Seeds of Peace in Santiago del Estero

The “Parque del Encuentro” project in Santiago del Estero, enthusiastically presented by Guillermé and Grementieri, stands as a tangible symbol of hope. Designed as an interfaith space with the motto “education in peace”, the park aims not only to educate children about different religions and cultures, but also to be a tourist attraction for the local, regional, and national communities.

This project, born out of a collaboration between diverse visionaries and religious leaders, and especially with the support of Gerardo Zamora (Governor of Santiago del Estero, Argentina) represents a firm step towards building a more tolerant and understanding world. The presentation in Brussels marks the beginning of “A Pathway to Peace”, a commitment that resonated more deeply as candles were lit in solidarity with victims of violence.

A Pathway to Peace: A Call to Action

At the crossroads between the painful memory of an attack and the hope embodied in the “Parque del Encuentro”, a call to action emerges. Intercultural and interreligious dialogue becomes the basis on which to build a more compassionate future. The candlelight, a symbol of solidarity, illuminates the way towards a world where diversity is not a cause for division, but a force for building lasting bridges of peace.

In “A Pathway to Peace,” every step counts, so may the example of the EJCC and the vision of the “Encounter Park” inspire communities around the world to light their own candles of solidarity and commitment. In the joining of efforts and the celebration of diversity, we find the true essence of building a world where peace and understanding reign supreme.

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