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Cristian Roșu

Cristian Roșu is a graduate of the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Philosophy. He is a communication consultant and political analyst. Over the years, Mr. Roșu has collaborated with several publications in Romania and abroad, on issues in the fields on Politics and International Relations.
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Erdogan at NATO

The Turkish strategy in Afghanistan pays off. Erdogan’s role in NATO...

NATO’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and the extremely rapid occupation of the capital, Kabul, by the Taliban, followed by the collapse of the withdrawal of...
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The European dilemma, to continue or to play

The Western world has dominated international relations. Ever since the appearance of capitalism, ”The West” has  dictated the main mechanisms and laws that govern international conduct. Colonialism sealed the fate of many peoples while Woodrow Wilson reshaped the very notion of free nation. The Marshal Plan shaped our view of the post-world war world in a way that is still visible today in the EU. The Western World, with its most evident incarnation of USA-EU military partnership, has fostered the strongest military alliance, NATO, the strongest economic force and has set the tone, principles, laws and values for the entire globe.  
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