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EuropeParliament’s “Use Your Vote” video reaches over 190 million views | News

Parliament’s “Use Your Vote” video reaches over 190 million views | News

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The film is a main element of Parliament’s election information actions and features testimonies of senior citizens from different EU countries passing on their stories about democracy to the next generations and underlining that democracy and voting cannot be taken for granted.

You can watch it here.

Besides the 190 million views (data until 12 May) on social media platforms, video streaming, connected TV and mobile display, the film in its different formats for TV and social media has so far been shown by more than 63 TV channels across 21 countries, and will continue to be screened by more channels in the coming weeks.

With “Use Your Vote. Or others will decide for you” as its tagline, this second phase of the institutional election campaign highlights the importance of democracy.

More specifically, the campaign’s central video further explores the chequered history of many European countries and the importance of protecting the values and principles of democracy.

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