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EuropeLead candidates present their bids for the European Commission presidency

Lead candidates present their bids for the European Commission presidency

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Walter Baier (Austria, European Left), Sandro Gozi (Italy, Renew Europe Now), Ursula von der Leyen (Germany, European People’s Party), Terry Reintke (Germany, European Greens) and Nicolas Schmit (Luxembourg, Party of European Socialists) participated in the debate, organised by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in collaboration with the European political parties and the European Parliament.

The debate focussed on Economy and Jobs, Defence and Security, Climate and Environment, Democracy and Leadership, Migration and Borders and on Innovation and Technology.

Questions were asked by the audience in the plenary chamber, by viewers watching from events organised by Parliament’s Liaison Offices in EU member states, submitted via social media, and by the two moderators. Candidates also faced one-on-one questioning by the moderators in so-called “Spotlight” segments.

You can watch the debate again on Parliament’s Multimedia Centre and on the EBU website.

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