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NewsThousands Protest at Cibeles Backed by PP and Vox to Demand Pedro...

Thousands Protest at Cibeles Backed by PP and Vox to Demand Pedro Sánchez’s Resignation

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Thousands of people, with an estimated 15,000 attendees according to the Government Delegation, gathered at the iconic Cibeles square in Madrid this Saturday to demand the resignation of the President, Pedro Sánchez, and to protest against the amnesty for those involved in the ‘procés’. The demonstration saw the presence of leaders from the Popular Party (PP), Vox, and Ciudadanos, along with other prominent figures from the opposition to the Government, such as the former leader of UPyD, Rosa Díez, and the former Vice President of the European Parliament, Alejo Vidal-Quadras.

The atmosphere at Cibeles was charged with emotion as protesters voiced their discontent with the current government’s handling of the political situation in Spain. Calls for Pedro Sánchez to step down echoed through the square, with signs and banners expressing frustration and anger towards the perceived lack of accountability.

The issue of amnesty for those involved in the ‘procés’ has been a contentious one, sparking debates and divisions across the political spectrum. Critics argue that granting amnesty undermines the rule of law and sends a message of impunity, while supporters view it as a step towards reconciliation and political stability.

The presence of leaders from the PP, Vox, and Ciudadanos at the protest underscored the unity among opposition parties in their demand for change. Rosa Díez and Alejo Vidal-Quadras, prominent figures in Spanish politics, added weight to the demonstration, symbolizing a broader coalition of voices calling for action.

As the protest unfolded, chants of “¡Dimisión, dimisión!” (Resignation, resignation!) reverberated through the crowd, reflecting the growing frustration and dissatisfaction with the current government’s policies and decisions. The gathering at Cibeles served as a platform for citizens to voice their concerns and demand accountability from those in power.

The demonstration at Cibeles highlighted the deep-seated divisions and tensions within Spanish politics, with calls for change and reform resonating among a significant portion of the population. The coming days will reveal the impact of this protest on the political landscape and whether it will lead to concrete actions or further polarization in the country.

In conclusion, the protest at Cibeles was a powerful display of public discontent and a call for accountability in Spanish politics. With thousands of voices united in demanding change, the pressure on Pedro Sánchez and the government is palpable. The aftermath of this demonstration will undoubtedly shape the political discourse in Spain in the days and weeks to come.

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