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AsiaSikh political prisoners and farmers issue to be raised before European Commission

Sikh political prisoners and farmers issue to be raised before European Commission

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Brussels, March 11, Protests have been held in favour of Bandi Singh and the farmers in Belgium, where the european capital is located. Giving details of the protest, European Sikh Organisation (ESO) chief Binder Singh said “the manner in which farmers demanding their rights have been tortured in India is intolerable”. He said “pellet guns, chemical gases were used on common human beings and the use of which is strictly prohibited”.

He said that Bhai Amritpal Singh and his associates, who were propagating Sikhism, were “locked up in Assam, thousands of miles away from Punjab, and the Sikhs were told to be third-class citizens. Now they are on a hunger strike against the atrocities being committed on them and their parents and other sangats are on hunger strike in their favor, but the government is not paying attention to them”.

Singh also said that the ESO has “brought these things to the notice of the European Parliament and if these issues are not resolved soon, then the issue of Bandi Singh and the farmers will be raised before the European Commission”. “In order to bring to the notice of the Government of India and the State Government the issue of Bandi Singhs and the demands of the farmers, we have organized a major protest in the ground of Gurdwara Sahib in Belgium so that they can resolve their issue immediately”.

A large number of women, children, youth and elderly people from the UK including Bhai Tarsem Singh Khalsa, Bhai Raman Singh, President of Gurdwara Sahib Bhai Karam Singh have joined the protest to express their protest.

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