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CultureReserved seats for black people at theater performances in London have sparked...

Reserved seats for black people at theater performances in London have sparked controversy

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A London theater’s decision to reserve seats for black people audiences for two of its productions of a play about slavery has drawn criticism from the British government, France Press reported on March 1st.

Downing Street has condemned the idea as “divisive to society”.

The Noel Coward Theater in London’s West End has scheduled two “Black Out” theater nights, which will give preference to black people audiences for two productions of Jeremy O. Harris’ play “The Game of slaves” (Slave Play), which from June 29 will be played on the London stage for nearly two months.

The play, starring Kit Harington, best known for his role in the series Game of Thrones, has enjoyed great success since its premiere on Broadway in New York in 2019. It tells a story about “race, identity and sexuality” in a plantation, says AFP.

The two theatrical performances, scheduled for July 17 and September 17 this year in the British capital, generated such a wave of reactions that they provoked a comment from the government of the Conservative Party, which is an outspoken critic of the ideology of “wokism” (a movement of “wakemen” – from English woke, born from police violence against blacks in the US), notes the agency.

“The Prime Minister is a big fan of art and believes it should be inclusive and open to all, especially where art galleries receive government funding,” said a spokesman for British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

“Clearly, limiting audiences based on race is wrong and divisive,” he added.

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