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CultureItaly donated 500 thousand euros for the destroyed cathedral of Odessa

Italy donated 500 thousand euros for the destroyed cathedral of Odessa

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The Italian government handed over 500,000 euros for the restoration of the destroyed Transfiguration Cathedral in Odessa, announced the mayor of the city, Gennady Trukhanov. The Ukrainian city’s central temple was destroyed by a Russian missile in July 2023. The aid was granted under an agreement between the Italian government, UNESCO and the local government after a report on the damage to the building was prepared. The church, which is a UNESCO monument, was hit by rocket fire, with the rocket hitting the church’s altar.

The authorities began to strengthen the building and restore the roof even before the arrival of help from Italy: “We did not have time to wait, because we could lose what was left of the cathedral after the rocket hit. Therefore, with funds from benefactors and parishioners of the Odessa diocese, it was the roof was restored and work began on the restoration of the most damaged part of the building”.

The Italians are considering a larger long-term format of cooperation with the government of Ukraine to restore Odessa and to implement a systematic and comprehensive approach to the preservation of cultural heritage in the city.

Illustrative Photo by Victoria Emerson: https://www.pexels.com/photo/anonymous-woman-with-easel-painting-historic-building-standing-in-city-park-6038050/

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