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HealthDetails of the state of the Norwegian king

Details of the state of the Norwegian king

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Norway’s King Harald will stay a few more days in a hospital on the Malaysian island of Langkawi for treatment and rest before returning to Norway, the royal family said, as quoted by Reuters.

The 87-year-old monarch was on holiday in the Southeast Asian country, but it was revealed earlier this week that he had an infection.

“His Royal Highness is still recovering,” the palace said.

The country’s government yesterday asked the army to handle the king’s journey back to Norway. A medical evacuation plane arrived in Langkawi after leaving Oslo.

Crown Prince Haakon is taking over duties in his father’s absence, including the weekly meeting with the prime minister and the government, which is due to take place later today.

King Harald has held the ceremonial post in Norway since 1991 and is the oldest monarch in Europe. In recent years, he has been repeatedly hospitalized for infections and underwent heart surgery.

According to the statement, the monarch has an infection and is being treated by both Malaysian and Norwegian doctors. King Harald V, who is Europe’s oldest monarch, celebrated his 87th birthday about a week ago. The royal family previously announced that the king was planning a private trip abroad, but did not say exactly where or when.

Harald the Fifth has been on the royal throne in Norway since 1991, after inheriting the throne from his father King Olaf V. The monarch has recently had health problems and spent several times in hospital due to infections, and in 2020 he also underwent surgery for heart valve replacement. King Harald V recently said he has no plans to emulate Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II, who abdicated in January at the age of 83. Harald, who is the great-great-grandson of Britain’s Queen Victoria, has said he has no plans to abdicate and his oath to serve Norway is for life.

Photo by Gu Bra: https://www.pexels.com/photo/torn-flag-of-norway-billowing-in-the-wind-6639883/

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