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InternationalChina plans mass production of humanoid robots by 2025

China plans mass production of humanoid robots by 2025

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China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has published an ambitious plan for the mass production of humanoid robots by 2025.

The country should have about 500 robots per 10,000 workers in just two years. That means tens of millions of manufacturing robots.

China’s ministry says that mass robotization will totally transform the manufacturing sector, and subsequently human life. Making this happen requires breakthroughs in several key technologies, as well as ensuring the safe and efficient supply of essential components.

The plan says that by 2027, humanoids should be an important new engine of economic growth in China.

The majority of companies that publicly develop humanoid robots are based in the US.

The company Agility Robotics, in which Amazon is a major investor, will this year complete the factory for the mass production of humanoids. Its capacity will be to create 10,000 robots per year.

Industries such as healthcare, home services, agriculture and logistics are likely to see an increase in the use of robots in the coming years. However, it is important for robots to take on tasks in harsh and dangerous conditions and within the industrial sector, the Chinese ministry wrote.

MIIT provides guidelines to use recent breakthroughs in AI, such as large language models, and to focus on the development of the “brain, cerebellum and limbs of humanoids”.

In August, Beijing announced a $1.4 billion robotics fund aimed at promoting the development of robotics technology in Beijing. Funds will gradually increase. The goal is for China to be a global leader in robotics by the end of the decade.

China is struggling with a rapidly shrinking population. It is projected to fall below 1 billion after the middle of this century. This portends a severe economic crisis that could destabilize the green country. Beijing sees robotics as a strategic goal to sustain its economic growth for decades to come.

Illustrative Photo by ThisIsEngineering: https://www.pexels.com/photo/prosthetic-arm-on-blue-background-3913025/

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