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EuropeEIB Provides €115 Million Backing for Major ETZ Hospital Renewal Project in...

EIB Provides €115 Million Backing for Major ETZ Hospital Renewal Project in Netherlands

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BRUSSELS – The European Investment Bank (EIB) has signed off on €100 million in financing to support a comprehensive modernization program by the Elisabeth-TweeSteden (ETZ) hospital group in Tilburg, Netherlands. An additional €15 million is being supplied by Dutch bank BNG.

The total €115 million in funds will enable ETZ to fully upgrade its existing St. Elisabeth hospital site in two major phases running from 2024 until 2031.

“This agreement is crucial for the realisation of this new construction project. The obtained financing allows us to start on time, so that the project can be delivered during 2026,” said Gerard van Berlo, Boardmember of ETZ. “We appreciate the care and professionalism shown by EIB and BNG in bringing these agreements about. Therefore, we are confident that with EIB and BNG we have reliable and valuable partners at our side.”

The first phase includes construction of a new acute care center housing the emergency department, intensive care, helicopter landing pad and more. The second phase will add extra hospital beds, operating theaters, radiology, nuclear medicine, parking and other facilities.

EIB Vice President Robert de Groot emphasized the bank’s goal of funding projects that enhance lives. “The EIB’s mission is to improve people’s lives by making available favorable long-term financing. This project with ETZ is a clear example of that,” he said.

“Not only is the EIB glad to back ETZ in its continuous drive to deliver the best possible healthcare in its catchment area, but we also attach great importance to the excellent environmental performance of the new buildings.”

ETZ has set ambitious sustainability targets, committing to cut CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030 and by 95% by 2050 against a 2010 baseline. The new facilities will slash energy use far below legal minimums thanks to steps like eliminating gas heating, adding LED lighting, boosting insulation and collecting rainwater.

As Europe’s climate bank and the world’s largest multilateral lender, the EIB emphasizes investments that drive innovation, sustainability and regional cohesion. This ETZ hospital renewal program embodies the type of essential public infrastructure project that merits the EIB’s backing.

The extensive renovations will optimize ETZ’s healthcare delivery while cementing its position as a leader in low-carbon, high-efficiency hospital infrastructure.

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