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Putin‘s personal gerontologist, who worked to extend life to 120 years, has died

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Vladimir Havinson, one of the most famous Russian gerontologists, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and founder of the Institute of Gerontology, died at the age of 77, The Moscow Times reports.

Havinson has been called “Putin’s personal gerontologist” in the press and has spent decades researching the aging process and ways to extend active life, developing 13 drugs and 64 nutritional supplements. In 2017, Putin awarded Havinson with the “Order of Friendship” medal for significant achievements in medicine. In an interview with the publication “Fontanka” before the ceremony, Havinson stated that the endurance of the human organism can reach 120 years, but not less than 100 years. “In the Old Testament, it says that God gave man so many years to live,” Havinson explained.

“The Guinness Book record is 122 years, held by Anna Kalman of France. In Russia, the record is 117 years, held by Varvara Semenyakova. So 100 years is the minimum. Havinson promised Putin “at least another 20 years” active life and called the Russian president a “role model” with “tremendous potential”.

In the past, Havinson has also emphasized that medicine should extend the life of leaders in the state apparatus, because “no one can ever replace an experienced leader.” “And without him, a political crisis will begin in the country,” Havinson added.

Illustrative Photo of the Russian Academy of Sciences by Arthur Shuraev: https://www.pexels.com/photo/russian-academy-of-sciences-15583213/.

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