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EuropeEuropean Parliament Moves for Enhanced Worker Protection

European Parliament Moves for Enhanced Worker Protection

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The European Parliament has taken a decisive step towards bolstering the European Labour Authority (ELA) by adopting a Motion for Resolution that calls for the strengthening of the Authority’s mandate. This move underscores the commitment of the European Union to safeguard worker rights and ensure fair competition within its single market.

Strengthening the ELA: A Mandate for Worker Protection

In a recent plenary session, the European Parliament, led by voices such as Dennis Radtke, MEP and coordinator of the EPP Group in the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL), emphasized the need to equip the ELA with “teeth” to enforce worker protection across the EU. The ELA, established in 2019, has been instrumental in upholding EU regulations on worker postings and facilitating cross-border cooperation among member states.

Enhancing the ELA’s Powers and Competences

The Motion for Resolution advocates for the expansion of the ELA’s powers, granting it its own right of initiative and extending its mandate to include third-country nationals. This initiative, co-drafted by Dennis Radtke and Agnes Jongerius (Netherlands, S&D), aims to protect workers from exploitation and ensure adherence to fundamental employment regulations.

Addressing the Plight of Workers in Gräfenhausen

Incidents like those in Gräfenhausen, where workers’ rights were severely compromised, are a stark reminder of the necessity for robust enforcement mechanisms. Radtke’s call to action is a response to such violations, ensuring that such conditions are not repeated within the EU.

Advocating for Cross-Border Worker Protection

Radtke has also highlighted the importance of cross-border worker protection as a means to maintain fair competition and uphold the integrity of the internal market. The ELA’s role in supporting member states with cross-border controls, analyses, and risk assessments is crucial in this regard.

Dispute Resolution and Labour Mobility

As part of its mandate, the ELA also plays a pivotal role in resolving disputes between EU countries and assessing risks associated with cross-border labour mobility. The strengthening of the ELA will further enhance its capacity to perform these critical functions effectively.


The European Parliament’s strong endorsement of the Motion for Resolution to empower the European Labour Authority is a testament to the EU’s dedication to worker welfare. By enhancing the ELA’s capabilities, the EU seeks to foster an environment where worker rights are respected, and exploitation is a phenomenon of the past.

The adoption of this resolution is a call to action for all EU member states to unite in the fight against labour violations and to work collaboratively towards a fair and equitable market for all workers within the European Union.

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