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InternationalElectronic skin with isothermal adjustment developed

Electronic skin with isothermal adjustment developed

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Chinese researchers recently developed a new electronic skin that they say has “excellent isothermal regulation,” reports Xinhua.

Scientists from the Southern University of Science and Technology have developed this thermo-e-skin with biomimetic structures. Thus, it mimics the thermoregulation mechanism of the human body by integrating a flexible thermoelectric device with a hydrogel composite material.

Thanks to the delicate balance between heat generation and dissipation, thermoelectronic skin maintains a stable surface temperature of 35 degrees Celsius over a wide range of ambient temperatures – from 10 to 45 degrees Celsius.

In recent years, electronic skin has realized human-like tactile functions and formed stable neural reactivity, largely imitating the human body, making it an ideal component for future intelligent robots.

However, its thermoregulatory function was until recently limited to simple heating or cooling, meaning that it was unable to maintain isothermal regulation for a long time in a complex and changing environment.

The research was published in the journal “Nano Energy”.

Illustrative Photo by Angela Roma : https://www.pexels.com/photo/crop-ethnic-person-touching-bare-skin-7480273/

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