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DefenseAustralia bans Nazi salute

Australia bans Nazi salute

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The ban on public display of the symbols of terrorist groups came into force in the country

Laws banning Nazi salutes and the display or sale of symbols associated with terrorist groups came into force in Australia today, as the government tries to respond to a rise in anti-Semitic incidents since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas, reported Reuters.

The law provides for up to 12 months in prison for publicly performing a Nazi salute or displaying the Nazi swastika or the double rune associated with the SS paramilitary organization.

Selling and trading these symbols is also prohibited.

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfuss said the legislation sends a clear message that there is no place in Australia for those who glorify the Holocaust or acts of terrorism.

Illustrative Photo: Portrait of Lee Miller in Hitler’s bathtub in Munich on the day of his death — her boots dirtying his bathmat — has become one of the images for which she is most known. During this period, in Normandy and in Munich she worked closely with the Life photojournalist David E. Scherman. Together, they entered Hitler’s apartment with soldiers on April 30, 1945, the same day that Hitler shot himself in his bunker in Berlin. Just that morning, Miller and Scherman had taken photographs in Dachau; Miller tracked mud from the concentration camp all over the apartment’s floor before stripping down to pose in the bathtub. She took the same photo of Scherman, who was Jewish, as well. Lee Miller Archives, England 2023.

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