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CultureThe Gucci family sells their Roman villas for 15 million euros

The Gucci family sells their Roman villas for 15 million euros

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

A few days ago, the Gucci family announced for sale their two villas in Rome, which are as opulent and luxurious as the famous models of the legendary fashion house, located in the most exclusive residential area of Rome.

Built by Aldo Gucci after he moved to Rome in the 1940s, these two villas are located just 10 minutes from the historic city center, in one of the most exclusive residential areas.

The main mansion was where the Gucci dynasty celebrated holidays and other special occasions, and the two villas are surrounded by a huge park and share a swimming pool. Their design, of course, draws inspiration from Italy, but also from English mansions, as Olwen Price, Gucci’s wife, was British – the English flavor can be seen in the columns and arched windows.

The larger villa has a games room, master bedroom with two bathrooms and wardrobe, and staff quarters. The smaller villa needs updating but would make a great guest house, according to Chiara Genarelli, real estate advisor for Forbes Global Properties.

The villas, which are sold within a single listing, are on the market for €15 million.

Photo: Forbes Global Properties

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