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Monday, December 4, 2023
DefenseBoats, engines and vests detained at Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint in Bulgaria

Boats, engines and vests detained at Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint in Bulgaria

Inflatable boats, motors and vests, which can be used to transport illegal migrants, were detained at the Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint on the Bulgarian-Turkish border. This became clear today at the point where Interior Minister Kalin Stoyanov welcomed a British delegation led by State Minister for Immigration Robert Jenkir. He thanked our country for its efforts. The detained boats and engines for them had to pass through Bulgaria in transit.

It has become clear that the two countries have been working together for months in the fight against illegal goods. We have made significant progress in terms of cargo in transit, inspection procedures and the corresponding seizure of illegally transported boats, engines and accessories for them that do not meet European standards. This proves the ongoing efforts of our country to fight against illegal migration, the interior minister stressed. Great Britain is the country that gives us serious and extremely active support. Minister Stoyanov thanked the British minister for the announced package of support, which will also help Bulgaria’s quest to join Schengen. I believe today’s signing is the right time because we are in the final stages and look forward to our acceptance in December. As a result of your initiative, we realize a serious opportunity for the prevention of illegal migration, added the Bulgarian interior minister.

The British were shown the seized boats and other goods found some time ago. The British delegation was given a demonstration of how tracking dogs are used to check vehicles. A “Statement on enhanced cooperation” was also signed.

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