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Human RightsA Russian woman was arrested for a slice of red caviar on...

A Russian woman was arrested for a slice of red caviar on Red Square in front of the Kremlin

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A 41-year-old Russian woman was arrested in Moscow’s Red Square while filming an Instagram video of herself eating a “huge” red caviar sandwich.

Gulina Nauman and her friend filmed a video for Instagram, in which the Russian woman, dressed in a classic fur coat, drags a box of 14 kilograms of caviar on a trolley. The woman then sits down in front of the Kremlin walls, where she smears a huge slice of bread with red caviar, The Moscow Times reported.

Police officers nearby apparently found the two’s behavior suspicious and detained Gulina and the man with her. The two were questioned for three hours before being released without charge.

Nauman told news station MSK1.ru that her plan was to shoot a “retro-style” video in a restaurant in Moscow, but when she discovered the restaurant was closed, she decided to film the scene in Red Square instead.

“Apparently you’re not allowed to shoot that much caviar near the Kremlin,” she wrote on the Telegram messaging app. “The situation in our country forbids you to be chic,” she adds.

Photo: Instagram

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