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Monthly Archives: November, 2023

A Russian woman was arrested for a slice of red caviar on Red Square in front of the Kremlin

A 41-year-old Russian woman was arrested in Moscow's Red Square while filming an Instagram video of herself eating a "huge" red caviar sandwich. Gulina Nauman...

Zakharova: Dangerous fools, illiterate officials in Sofia disgrace the Bulgarian people

It’s the reason why Lavrov's plane did not fly over Bulgaria The spokeswoman of the Russian MFA, Maria Zakharova, called the decision of the Bulgarian...

With Gaza truce on horizon, UN relief teams stand ready to ramp up aid

According to media reports, ongoing negotiations over the Israel-Hamas agreement on a four-day humanitarian pause and the freeing of hostages held by the Palestinian...

INTERVIEW: A humanitarian’s painful decision to leave her home and work in Gaza |

As UNRWA’s Warehousing and Distribution Officer, Maha Hijazi was responsible for securing food for hundreds of thousands of displaced people who have sought refuge...

Scientology’s IAS charitable organization Celebrates and Commemorates Era of Unprecedented Global Humanitarian Work

Thousands celebrate 4 years of IAS's monumental global humanitarian work using L. Ron Hubbard's vision. BRUSSELS, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, November 29, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Thousands of...

Gaza doctors ‘terrified’ of deadly disease outbreak as aid teams race to deliver

UN humanitarians warned that aid deliveries needed to multiply immediately to save the lives of the injured and stem the risk of a deadly disease outbreak

Music streaming platforms: MEPs ask to protect EU authors and diversity

The Culture Committee called for EU rules to ensure a fair and sustainable environment for music streaming and to promote cultural diversity.

Freedom Of Religion, There Is Something Rotten in France’s Mind

In France, the Senate is working on a bill to "reinforce the fight against cultic deviances", but its content seems to pose serious problems for experts in freedom of religion or belief

European health data: better portability and safe sharing

The creation of a European health data space to boost the portability of personal health data was adopted by the environment and civil liberties committees.

Mobile machinery circulating on public roads needs to meet road safety standards, MEPs agree

The Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection has approved the Parliament's draft negotiating position on road safety for mobile working equipment. Find out more about the proposed new rules and their potential impact on the EU market.

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