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A Call to Service, A Pledge to Hope: Princess Leonor’s Inspiring Speech at the Princess of Asturias Awards 2023

Princess of Asturias delivered an inspiring speech at the Awards, emphasizing unity, collaboration, and service to others.

On October 20th, in the city of Oviedo inside the Campoamor Theatre, Princess Leonor of Asturias representing Spain gave an inspiring speech that deeply moved everyone. Her words expressed a sense of responsibility, modesty and unwavering dedication to serving others. Amidst the event known as the Princess of Asturias Awards 2023, her message shone brightly as a symbol of hope and urged people to take action highlighting the tremendous impact that both individuals and communities can make when working together.

“I understand very well and am aware of what my duty is and what my responsibilities entail,” the Princess of Asturias said, reflecting on her recent oath of service to Spain and her forthcoming commitment to the Constitution as she turns 18. Her words echoed the weight of her role, yet radiated an earnest understanding of the responsibility she carries.

Princess Leonor, the Honorary President of the Foundation, emphasized the importance of recognizing and appreciating the contributions of the award winners, individuals who dedicate their lives to improving society. “We can only achieve this with common goals and individual and collective effort,” she asserted, underscoring the imperative of unity and collaboration.

In her address, the Princess drew upon the remarkable contributions of the award recipients. She expressed admiration for Nuccio Ordine’s efforts to humanize humanity and defended the crucial role of education. She praised Meryl Streep’s transformative performances, highlighting the artist’s courage, freedom, and sensitivity. She lauded Hélène Carrère’s insightful analysis of contemporary history and Mary’s Meal’s tireless efforts to feed children in schools.

Photo credit: Casa Real (Spain) Premios Princesa de Asturias 2023
Photo credit: Casa Real (Spain) Princess of Asturias Awards 2023

The Princess’s speech was not just an acknowledgement of these achievements, but a reflection of how they inspired her own path. “On this stage today are people with whom I aspire to identify,” she confessed, expressing her admiration for the award winners’ commitment to their respective fields. She spoke highly of Murakami’s literary prowess, Kipchoge’s athletic determination, and the groundbreaking biological research of Gordon, Greenberg, and Bassler. She also recognized the critical work of the Medicines for Neglected Diseases Initiative.

She expressed her admiration for those who dedicate themselves to improving the world and promised to follow in their footsteps. “I would like to thank all our award winners, including those who have left us, for the light they shed on the challenges and the complexity of the world in which we live,” she said. She was thankful not to the award winners but also, to all those who inspire optimism and promote accountability.

Princess Leonor’s speech went beyond being a ceremonial address; it was a sincere testament to her dedication to serving others. It reflected her maturity. Served as an inspiration not only for her own generation but also for those yet to come. As she enters adulthood she carries an understanding of her responsibilities, a profound respect for those in service and an unwavering hope for a brighter future. Her words serve as a reminder that each one of us plays a part in shaping our world and act as a call, to service that resonates beyond the walls of the Campoamor Theatre.

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