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IT Recruitment Poland – an Effective Way to find IT Developers in Poland

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If you are looking or have been looking for IT workers, you know very well that it is not at all easy to find trustworthy professionals. We live in unstable times, constant insecurity results in business failures. That’s why we so badly need reliable colleagues and effective solutions. One way to succeed is to work with experienced recruitment specialists. The IT recruitment Poland service offered by the Sowelo agency is just the key to success.

IT recruitment Poland

IT recruitment Poland is a fast way to increase the number of skilled IT employees in your company. Image credit: Pexels, free license

Sowelo has been in business for more than 15 years. It has dozens of successful recruitment projects to its credit. Sowelo headhunters work with both Polish and international clients. They recruit for various positions of specialists representing different backgrounds, cultures and languages.

When looking for highly qualified employees, it is worth taking advantage of the experience of professional headhunters representing independent agencies. With their help, you can not only quickly find professionals for a given position, but also get good results in your business much faster. Sowelo offers tailor-made recruitment service perfectly adapted to the expectations of individual clients. Unlike in-house HR specialists, Sowelo employees have recruitment expertise gained from working with clients from home and abroad, so their offer and assistance is much more extensive.

IT Recruitment Poland by Sowelo – minimizing risks

Sowelo Agency has been on the market since 2007. Throughout its history, it has experienced many different situations in the recruitment market. With experience in various circumstances, the consultants have served many clients both at home and abroad. Sowelo will ideally adapt its activities and offerings to changing market conditions, and having the right know-how has a significant advantage over in-house HR staff.

Speaking of projects completed by Sowelo so far, it is worth mentioning just a few of them. Mention Branch Manager, Chief Accountant, Operation Director, Sales Executive, Team Supervisor or Unit Manager, PMO Director, System Architect and so on. High-quality specialists representing various industries and coming from different countries have been found. Sowelo’s clients are very satisfied with the cooperation with the agency and are very eager to return with further projects, as well as recommend cooperation to other companies. Sowelo offers services such as IT Contracting, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, as well as Talent Market Mapping and Employer Branding.

Poland - associative photo.

Poland – associative photo. Image credit: Unsplash, free license

Working with a recruitment agency means minimizing the risk of unsuccessful recruitment. Together with the client, consultants create a profile of the ideal candidate and develop a list of requirements that he or she must meet. Carefully selected candidates with the required skills and competencies are invited to a job interview. Sowelo employees are able to quickly find candidates even for very niche positions, they are also able to reach out to those who are not currently looking for a job and get them interested in the offer.

Cooperation with Sowelo Consulting agency is also, as already mentioned, an opportunity to avoid the serious consequences that bad hires bring. After all, hiring the wrong people can not only cost a lot, but also drag down a company and lead to its bankruptcy.

IT Recruitment Poland by Sowelo – professional knowledge and up-to-date information from the labor market

Sowelo’s expertise and experience is something that anyone can benefit from at any time. IT Recruitment Poland is a service designed for clients both at the early stages of their operation and for companies that have been on the market for some time. The advice and assistance of a good, experienced recruiter not only saves a lot of money, but also saves a lot of time. You can avoid the consequences of bad hires, but also gain the time you need to run your business and make your company more competitive.

Sowelo consultants have contacts that, unfortunately, in-house HR staff do not have. This allows them to quickly contact the best candidates for a given, even the most niche position. This is also important because often high-level professionals are reluctant to contact corporate HR staff, do not trust them and are not willing to cooperate. They are more likely to join independent headhunters and are much more accommodating to the job offers they offer.

Independent headhunters can find truly hidden, rare talent. It is not a problem for them to find specialists representing very rare specializations, because they deal with such cases on a daily basis. As part of the IT Recruitment Poland service, they will quickly find specialists with unique skills or using very rare programming languages.

The key role of recruiters in the IT recruitment Poland process

By using the services of the Sowelo Consulting agency, many of the problems that the recruitment process brings can be avoided. As statistics show, as many as 89% of recruitment failures are due to poor attitudes of new hires. Therefore, experienced recruiters who can read the subtle signs and body language of candidates can really be an invaluable aid in the recruitment process. By seeing arrogant, disrespectful behaviour, negative comments regarding former employers, a Sowelo recruiter is able to avoid hiring the wrong person.

After all, it is well known that an inadequate employee is not only a waste of money, but also a danger of passing on confidential business information to competitors, a negative impact on the company’s image and a waste of valuable time. It is therefore a good idea to use the services of an agency that already has experience in its field and is aware of the risk of various kinds of failures.

Sowelo headhunters are very effective and achieve great results in their work. Their in-depth knowledge gained over years, their willingness to help and their commitment to the project are what clients really appreciate and what they come back to when proposing to collaborate on new projects. Therefore, whenever you are in need of professionals to provide recruitment services to your company, feel free to contact Sowelo team and hire developers and qualified candidates to your team.

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