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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
EuropeGermany - EU country with the highest number of unaccompanied children seeking...

Germany – EU country with the highest number of unaccompanied children seeking asylum

Germany is the EU country where the largest number of unaccompanied children from Syria and Afghanistan seeking asylum

The number of refugees who have asked for protection status in European countries is growing. In June of this year alone, a new 83,385 people have officially applied for asylum. This represents a 25% increase from the previous month, when claims were 66,845.

A little under 5,800 people are those who applied for the second time/due to the refusal or expiration of a previous permit, which represents a 9% drop compared to June 2023.

The EU countries which received the highest number of asylum applications from unaccompanied minors in June 2023 were Germany (805), followed by Austria (570) and the Netherlands (445) and Bulgaria (400). The figure for Bulgaria has increased significantly compared to the previous month, when there were 285 children for Bulgaria. In February, the number was 100.hen there were 285 children. In February, their number was 100.

Nearly 3,000 applications for the protection of children who migrated alone have been submitted for the entire European Union, and the countries from which they most often come are Syria and Afghanistan.

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Source dataset: migr_asyumactm – Applying for asylum

In June 2023, 2,975 unaccompanied minors applied for asylum for the first time in the EU, mostly from Syria (980) and Afghanistan (910). This is according to Eurostat data.

As in previous months of the year, four countries remain favorites to host refugees. These are Germany (23,190), Spain (16,075), France (12,475) and Italy (10,730), which continue to receive the largest number of asylum seekers. Their number represents 75% of all migrants and asylum seekers in the European Union.

Syrian nationals make up the largest group of asylum seekers

Throughout the year, also in July, Syrians make up the largest part of the flow of migrating citizens. A total of 13,150 representatives of the people have asked for asylum within the EU. They are followed by Afghans (7,775), Venezuelans (6,925) and Colombians (6,165).

Since Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, there has also been a significant increase in Ukrainians applying for asylum, but the number has been decreasing every month to 1,065 in June 2023. This is also because people fleeing Ukraine benefit from a temporary protection, explained by Eurostat. Again, their data reports more than 4.1 million citizens who fled Ukraine and received temporary protection status in EU countries. According to the data of the statistical agency, in Bulgaria their number is 162,980. And compared to the number of the population /per 100,000/, the highest number of total beneficiaries of temporary protection per thousand people at the end of July 2023 is observed in the Czech Republic (33.0), Poland (26.4), Estonia (25.9), Bulgaria (25.3) and Lithuania (25.0), while the corresponding figure at EU level is 9.2 per thousand people.

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