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InternationalA man who died 128 years ago will be buried

A man who died 128 years ago will be buried

Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

An American will be buried 128 years after his death. All this time, his mortal remains have been displayed behind a display case in a funeral home in Pennsylvania, SkyNews reports.

Stoneman Willie died in a local jail in 1895 of kidney failure. He ends up behind bars after being arrested for pickpocketing. When arrested, he presented himself under a false name, so his identity remained unknown for many years, and the authorities were unable to contact his relatives.

Willie was accidentally mummified by an undertaker who was experimenting with new embalming techniques.

Dressed in a suit with a bow tie, his body has lain in a casket at the funeral home for over a century. The deceased’s hair and teeth are intact from time, and his flesh resembles treated leather.

Now, with the help of unearthed historical documents, his identity has been identified and his name will be inscribed on his tombstone when his body is buried. This is scheduled to take place on October 7.

“We don’t call him mummy, we call him ‘our friend Willie,'” said funeral home director Kyle Blankenbiller.

Stoneman Willie’s casket was carried on a motorcycle hearse as part of a parade for the city. Thus, at last, the man will find eternal rest.

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