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NewsVisiting Liège with children: fun and family activities not to be missed

Visiting Liège with children: fun and family activities not to be missed

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Liège is a Belgian city located in the Walloon region, known for its rich cultural and historical heritage. If you are planning to visit this charming city with your children, you will be delighted to discover the many fun and family activities it has to offer. Here are some of the best activities not to be missed during your visit to Liège.

First of all, don’t miss visiting the famous Aquarium-Museum of Liège. This museum houses an incredible collection of marine animals and insects, including sharks, exotic fish, turtles and spiders. Your children will be amazed by the diversity of species on display and will have the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops. This is an educational and fun experience not to be missed.

Then, why not take your children to Parc de la Boverie? This beautiful park is located on an island in the Meuse and offers many activities for children. You can rent bikes or scooters to explore the park, have a picnic on the grass or simply relax admiring the beautiful scenery. The park is also home to the famous Liège Art Museum, where you can discover works of contemporary and modern art.

If your children love animals, don’t miss out on visiting the Forestia Animal Park, located a few kilometers from Liège. This park offers a unique experience by allowing visitors to discover European wildlife in their natural habitat. You can observe deer, wild boar, wolves and many other animals. There is also an adventure course for children, with zip lines and suspension bridges.

Another fun activity to do with children in Liège is to visit Parc d’Avroy. This park is ideal for families, with its numerous playgrounds, picnic areas and cycle paths. Your children can have fun on the slides, swings and climbing structures, while you can enjoy a relaxing walk in the park.

If you want to offer your children a unique experience, go to the Museum of Walloon Life. This museum offers a journey through time through the history and culture of Wallonia. Your children will be able to discover the daily life of the Walloons at different times, thanks to interactive exhibitions and historical reconstructions. This is a great opportunity to learn while having fun.

Finally, don’t miss visiting the famous Batte market, which takes place every Sunday morning along the banks of the Meuse. This market is the largest open-air market in Belgium and offers a unique experience for the whole family. You can find all kinds of products, from fresh fruits and vegetables to clothing and accessories. This is a great opportunity to taste the local cuisine and experience the lively atmosphere of Liège.

In conclusion, Liège offers many fun and family activities not to be missed during your visit with children. From animal museums to wildlife parks, parks and markets, there is something for everyone. So, get ready to experience unforgettable moments with your family during your visit to Liège.

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